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Since its beginnings in 1999, the Harristown State High School Football Academy has aimed at providing students the opportunity to reach their football potential.

In addition to the quality coaching received and playing opportunities offered, the Academy also monitors each athlete’s academic performance, effort, behaviour and attendance.

Over the years, Harristown State High School has helped to develop male and female footballers of all ages and ability, who have demonstrated aspirations, and hard work, to represent their school, district, zone, region, state and country.

The Football Academy is a systematic program, which not only prepares people to become better footballers, but to become even better people in their school and social lives, enforcing the Academy ethos “ATTITUDE DICTATES YOUR ALTITUDE’.

How do new student athletes trial?

Students new to the school and who are interested in becoming a part of the Football Academy, are encouraged to complete a Sports Academy Application Form and make contact with the Football Academy Coordinator, Mark Burchardt.

Students will then be invited by the academy coach to attend trial sessions before, during or after school to ascertain their football ability, pending acceptance into the Football Academy.

At the start of every year or when student athletes are accepted into the Academy, they are issued with the following information/forms to discuss with parents/guardians.

·         Football Academy uniform order

·         Football Academy calendar

·         Football Academy medical form

·         Football Academy agreement to sign

·         Football Academy Prospectus

Completed forms are to be returned to athlete’s Football Academy coach ASAP.

Expectations of student athletes who are accepted into the Football Academy?

·        Work hard individually during training, and also with other student athletes, to develop their football ability, whilst being respectful and showing integrity

·         Demonstrate a football ability to play competitively

·         Athletes strive to achieve ‘B’s or better’ for effort and behaviour

·         Athletes strive to achieve a minimum of ‘C’ for all academic classes

·         Class attendance is above 90%

·         Acceptance to wear the right uniform during school and academy time

·         All football costs are reconciled within a reasonable time frame

 Information on our Football Academy Philosophy and Course Structure can be located in our  Football Academy Prospectus.

Football Academy costs

Each student who is an active participant in the Football Academy is invoiced a $50 levy at the start of each year or when accepted into the Academy. 

This levy covers external coaching and refereeing courses, Bill Turner Cup, Schools Premier League and Red Lion competition entry, the engagement of external coaches and professionals, specialised equipment purchases, equipment maintenance and our affiliation with the Brisbane Roar

This levy does not cover other costs involved with the academy such as futsal competitions, Darling Downs regional representation, buses and uniform orders.

As such, letters will be forwarded home notifying of relevant costs, and payment is expected within a reasonable timeframe to the P&C Shop

If you are keen to attend these programs, please see Mr Burchardt in Q33 to register your interest.

Brisbane Roar Affiliation (Official Website)

Through the Schools Premier League (SPL) Competition, our school is proudly aligned with the Brisbane Roar. Brisbane Roar statement 4/12/19.

“Brisbane Roar Academy is pleased to announce an alignment with the Schools Premier League (SPL) for 2020.

In collaboration with the Heads of the Schools Premier League, Shane Robinson and Sean Curtis, and the Brisbane Roar Academy, the Club will align with all Schools Premier ​League schools in 2020.

This affiliation will see the promoting of the SPL competition as well as allowing support and identification of current and potential BRFC Academy players as well as continuous professional development of SPL coaches, in collaboration with BRFC Academy General Manager Warren Moon and the Club’s highly-qualified staff.

Schools will also have access to behind-the-scenes & Hyundai A-League Game Day experiences.

“The Brisbane Roar Academy is enhancing its focus on a Queensland-first approach for 2020 and part of this approach includes providing for SPL schools, all of which have advanced football programs,” Academy General Manager Warren Moon said.

“Supporting schools with such advanced programs will not only prove to be beneficial for both selected schools and Brisbane Roar, but football as a whole throughout Queensland.”

The SPL consists of 13 Government Schools running elite football programs across South East Queensland.

More than 1400 football students are enrolled at SPL schools, including 80 students in Brisbane Roar Academy team with more than 30% of football program students representing their region or state in schoolboys & schoolgirls competitions.

The SPL competition will be played across five categories in 2022 – Junior Boys, Junior Girls, Intermediate Boys, ​Senior Boys & Senior Girls.​

Like to Know More? 

Any new students wishing to join the Harristown State High School Football Academy are asked to complete a Sports Academy Application Form or contact Football Coordinator, Mark Burchardt.

For more information on the Football Academy, please read the Football Academy Prospectus.

Please direct any enquiries to Football Academy Coordinator, Mark Burchardt.

Mark Burchardt
 AFC FFA B Licence
 Senior Boys Coordinator 
Mel Baker
AFC FFA C Licence
   ​Senior Girls Football Coordinator

Alex Marstella 
Working towards AFC FFA C Licence
 Junior Boys Coordinator
Lauren Spreadborough
 Working towards AFC FFA Licence

Last reviewed 03 March 2022
Last updated 03 March 2022