Welcome to the sporting home of opportunities, where Harristown State High School sport aims to provide students with many ways to engage in physical activity; represent your school, region or state; make new friends or try new sports and activities.

Students can be involved in school sport against other schools in Gala or Cluster Days, trial for a Central Zone, Toowoomba District or Darling Downs sporting team or represent the school in various competitions. Sport allows students to engage positively with others, provide a sense of responsibility and maintain a safe, healthy and active lifestyle.

Our school sport calendar ​lists all Interhouse Carnivals, Toowoomba Primary School Sport (TPSS) and Central Zone (turning 12 years of age this year) trials, Toowoomba Secondary School Sport (TSSS) carnivals and trials – 13 – 19 years this year, Darling Downs trials and State Championship dates. As accurate as these dates are, changes may occur for example, due to wet weather or COVID disruptions. We will endeavour to provide any information to sporting events through HSHS social media channels, email to students, LED message board and/or parent SMS. If you have any enquiries, please email the Sports Coordinator.

To attend any TPSS or TSSS sports trials, students MUST nominate through the Sports Coordinator’s office in Q33. If students are not on the convenor’s attendance list, the student may be ineligible to attend trials. Trial information for all sports are posted on school notices, through sport convenors or Sports Coordinator, and can be collected from Q33. There are also calendars of trial dates on the noticeboard foyer heading towards Q33. If there are any questions, please email the Melony Baker, Sports Coordinator​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.​

It may not be possible for the sport convenor to accept late nominations or returns of information due to a short turnaround between when information is collected and the trial date. Students and Parents/Carers need to ensure that all information is returned on time or advise the Sports Coordinator if you no longer to wish to trial for that sport.

Students MUST also take with them a medical form for each separate trial, to hand in to convenors on​​​​​ the day. If no medical form is given, then students will not be able to participate. There are different medical forms for TPSS/TSSS and DD trials. These forms can be located under Related Links.

For some TPSS/TSSS trials, a small cost will be involved. This will be invoiced through your schools. For students to attend DD trials, payment MUST be made through the DD website (refer to the Representative Sport How-to’ guide​). If students (parents/guardians) have not paid for these DD trials, students will be UNABLE to trial.

Medical/illness exemption forms are available for students who can not compete at DD trials due to injury or illness. See your Sports Coordinator for this form. Please note, that if students do not attend DD trials due to school related camps, excursions, family holidays etc, then students will not be eligible for selection.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding sport at Harristown SHS, please don't hesitate to contact Melony Baker, Sports Coordinator.​​

Last reviewed 15 June 2023
Last updated 15 June 2023