2022 Athletics Carnival


​​The 2022 Harristown State High School Interhouse Athletics Carnival will be held on Thursday 28 July (12.00pm-3.00pm) and Friday 29 July. The Athletics Carnival schedule (PDF, 107KB) provides an approximate guide for age event times.  ​

Student ​Procedures for Thursday 28 July

  • Dress - Students are to wear their sports uniform, school uniform or house shirts (available from the P&C Shop)
  • Periods 1 to 4 as usual
  • Break from 11.20am to 12.00pm
  • Carnival commences at 12.00pm  
  • Break from 1.10pm-1.45pm – Events will continue during the break​​

Student Procedures for Friday 29 July

  • Dress - Students are encouraged to dress up in their house theme/colours, or wear their sports uniform, school uniform or house shirts (available from the P&C Shop)
  • 8.45am - House meetings - Students are to meet in the house meeting areas listed below when the first bell sounds for the start of form class, for rolls to be marked, wristbands handed out and team lists checked.​
​​​​Dherwain (Yellow)
​Yellow Gym
​Bonda (Red)
Lecture Theatre​
​Barang (Blue)
Blue Gym​​
​Balkuin (Green)
  • 9.10am - March Past​​​ - Under House staff direction, all students are to move to the area below the tennis courts and line up in their house groups to begin the March Past
  • March Past order: Dherwain; Bonda; Barang; Balkuin
  • Year 12 students - Once your house reaches the finish line of the 100m track, assemble on the grassed area near the bus shed for the Year 12 photograph
  • 10.45am-11.45am - Canteen access for morning tea. Students may make purchases during this time then return to their house areas. There will be no seating at the canteen or area F.
  • 12.45pm-1.40pm​ - Lunch break 
  • Interhouse Novelty Event - Please note during the Friday lunch break we will be holding the Interhouse Novelty Event for staff and students. House participants have 4 minutes to relay shuttle a tennis ball to and from a marker 15 metres away. The House that amasses the most points, will be declared the winner and awarded the Ribot and Howard Trophy.
  • Late students - Any student who arrives late and misses Friday house meetings must report to the office to obtain a late slip and hand this in to the house supervisor to collect a wristband.  Wristbands must remain on all day.

Parent Spectators

Parents are welcome to attend.  Parents/spectators will enter and exit via gate 11 (pedestrian access gate in Hennessy Street near the bottom oval/bus shed).  
Parents can access the following areas during the time they are here 
  • signed Javelin Spectator area on the top oval
  • Discus, Long and Triple Jump, Shot Put and High Jump signed Spectator areas on the bottom oval
  • The tables between the tennis courts and the oval stairs or the area behind the blue gym on the bottom oval
  • Canteen 
  • F Block toilets  
  • Parents are not to sit in the house areas with students or congregate on the oval outside of the spectator zones.​

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Last reviewed 19 July 2022
Last updated 19 July 2022