2021 School Sports Information


Swimming Carnival

Welcome back to 2021 and the hope for a near-to-normal sporting year. Our first carnival for 2021 will be the Interhouse Swimming Carnival. This will be held on Friday 5th February at Milne Bay Aquatic Centre. There will be a significant change to how this carnival runs in 2021, due to the Milne Bay COVID Safe Management Plan. For this year, ONLY swimmers will be attending the carnival. NO spectators, either student or adult, will be permitted to attend. 

Students will have attended house meetings Thursday afternoon and interested swimmers will have nominated for specific events. In the event of too many swimmers, trials have been organised for swimmers to attend to see who will compete in each event (if there are the required number of swimmers for each event, then no trials will be needed). 

Trial information for students is as follows:

Swimmers are to ensure they have appropriate swimming togs, towel and clothing to change into. Swimmers are to go straight to the pool so trials can start ASAP.

  • Friday 29th January
    • 1st Break - Dherwain
    • 2nd Break - Bonda
  • Monday 1st February  
    • 1st Break - Balkuin
    • 2nd Break - Barang
  • Tuesday 2nd February 
    • 1st break - Dherwain & Balkuin (if required)
    • 2nd break - Bonda & Barang (if required)

Toowoomba and Darling Downs Sports Trials

Information for all Toowoomba District and Darling Downs trials is emailed to Mr Burchardt. Students are NOT permitted to turn up to trials if they hear about it through their clubs or another person - they must nominate and collect an information package from Mr Burchardt, complete a medical form and return to Mr Burchardt to be able to nominate. It is then the responsibility of the student and their parent/carer to ensure the student arrives at the correct venue, at the right time, on the right day.

A list of trial dates for all 12 - 19 years trials are on the noticeboard heading towards Mr Burchardt's office in Q33 and should also be posted in students form rooms. All Toowoomba and Darling Downs school sport dates can be found in the calendars as follows: 

Dates are subject to change. Please direct enquiries or questions to Mr Burchardt - Students are to see Mr Burchardt in Q33 for any sporting information.

Sport Competitions

At the start of every year, teachers are calling for students to see them if interested in competing in school competitions. This is a great way to meet new people, develop new skills or learn how to play a new sport. Early in term 1 there will be T20 cricket, Friday Night Basketball, Futsal, Netball, Softball and Volleyball competitions or training. Students need to listen to notices or see me in Q33 for more information. 

Sports Academy

Students new to the school are encouraged to see Academy Coordinators about becoming involved in a Sports Academy. 

  • Volleyball - Mr Martin - Q32, 
  • Basketball - Mr McDonald - Q001, 
  • Rugby League - Mr Capewell - T17, 
  • Football - Mr Burchardt - Q33. 

Year 7 students looking to get involved in an academy are also encouraged to contact these coordinators to see how they can also become involved. Year 7's will look to trial for 2022 Academy timetabled classes towards the end of the year. Students can see Mr Burchardt in Q33 for any information.

Here's hoping to a great sporting year, as we kick off a busy term 1 with Interhouse Carnivals, trials and sporting events.

Kind regards,
Mark Burchardt

Sports Coordinator

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Last reviewed 28 January 2021
Last updated 28 January 2021