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Year 9 Camp

Down the tunnel!

The Year Nines had a day full of fun, friendship and teamwork at Emu Gully on the last day of Term 1.  The students where split into six groups and participated in activities based on challenges that the ANZACs faced.

Throughout one half of the day the students participated in three simulation activities:

  • Students climbed through the small twisting tunnels of ‘Vietnam’. Once through many bends and steep inclines, they faced a problem. They needed to climb a vertical pipe with no foot holes or ropes to help. Learning and using teamwork skills, every person got out of the tunnels only to enter another tunnel with more bends and smaller holes. The last obstacle in this set of tunnels was a steep climb and then a drop into a water tank ankle deep of murky water.

  • Students battled against the enemy at the siege of ‘Tobruk’. The students had to take supplies to ‘Tobruk’ in a boat on the dam. Then the students swapped with the other half of their group who took the injured to hospital. The students faced the threat of ‘death’ and losses from their team because of simulated bomb and mine field challenges.

  •  Students then crossed the ‘River Kwai’: a foot wide bridge over a dam. A student on each side of the bridge started to climb together. The bridge would topple if the students did not work together. Once at the top one student would crouch while the other stepped over them then they started the descent.

Throughout the other half of the day the students faced the ‘Kokoda’ track. For a hundred meters, students waded through waste deep mud, climbed over logs and slipped down slippery hills. After all of this they washed off in a dam complete with two diving planks, a slide and a swing.

An exhausting, rewarding day, the Year Nines finished so much closer as a year level.


 Emu Gully Year 9 Experience