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Welcome to Harristown


Acknowledgement of Country: Mr Forknall

Mr Forknall also introduced assembly, outlining expectations of students for this important part of the school week; a formal occasion where we celebrate student achievements.

Assembly Leaders: Gold Leaders Alysha Hart and Matt Bailey

Each week our Leaders take turns to lead assembly. 

Principal's Address

Mr Green welcomed all six year levels and students from the four houses and acknowledged those on stage: members of the Administration team, Gold leaders and Junior Secondary Leaders for 2015.

Mr Green often produces a prop during his Assembly address and this week's speech was no different. He asked students to consider a toy plane and look at it from front on.  He drew attention to the two wings used for flight, comparing them to our two wings for effective learning: Dimensions of Learning and Explicit Instruction. The plane also acted as a trigger for Mr Green, who recalled a story he had read about a harrowing plane journey.  The writer was a passenger on a plane that experienced very heavy turbulence just before landing and the passengers feared a crash landing.  Everyone felt the push as the plane accelerated out of the turbulence and soared back into the air, landing safely many minutes later.

The writer went to see the pilot who saved everyone's lives and asked: "At what point did you decide to accelerate the plane and not land?" The pilot answered, "I made the decision 15 years ago where we taught if this happens, this is what you do.  I was diligent and learnt to use that information at that point."

Mr Green related the story to students, stating that while they may have no idea what they'll be doing in 15 years, there are ideas to learn, things to grasp, habits to form and choices to make now which, 15 years from now, will benefit us or cause us harm.  He urged students to carefully consider the choices they make today as they determine your future.  "Make decisions that give you a hope and a future."

Student Representative Council

Mrs McAleer explained the role of Student Representatives who are elected by their Year Level to provide the link between students and the SRC. The Executive is formed by the current Gold Leaders and the Council includes the Junior Secondary Leaders and 2 male and 2 female representatives from each year level.

The Council meet weekly at second break on Thursdays to plan ahead and make decisions. If you'd like to be part of the SRC, see your Year Coordinator by Friday 6th February.  Voting will occur during Year Level meetings on Wednesday 11 February.  

School Photos

School photos will take place in Week 3 on Thursday 12th February.  Formal uniform is required for all students for the photo.  

PRIDE planners

Students are expected to bring their new PRIDE planner to every class.  The PRIDE planner will be used during Healthy Hawks lessons on Wednesdays. This is a great way to communicate between parents and teachers.  Staff are encouraging students to read the pages at the front of the planner and for both students and parents to sign the Responsible Behaviour Plan on page 15 (senior) or page 16 (junior). 

Sun Smart

Students can purchase a sun smart House hat before the Swimming Carnival from the P&C Shop.  A hat in house colours is $17 and House shirts are available for $15.