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Swimming Carnival Results

​Myra de Smet and Rochelle Bruckner cheer on Balkuin's mythical creatures!

Congratulations to all students who participated in the Swimming Carnival on Friday. After dealing with some technical difficulties, the results from Friday are now available.

Congratulations to Balkuin who have won overall on 599 points; 2nd Dherwain 588 points; 3rd Barang 560 points; 4th Bonda 472 points

Girls Overall: 1st Dherwain 338 points; 2nd Barang 276 points; 3rd Bonda 248 points; 4th Balkuin 244 points

Boys Overall: 1st Balkuin 355 points; 2nd Barang 284 points; 3rd Dherwain 250 points; 4th Bonda 224 points

The age champions are as follows:


13 years: 1st Lucy Leadbetter (Barang); 2nd Nalani Kiakpe (Barang); 3rd Kira Thompson (Dherwain)

14 years: 1st Hayley Gray (Barang); 2nd Mikaela Ribot de Bresac (Bonda); 3rd Abbey Smith (Dherwain)

15 years: 1st Jacqui Palfi (Bonda); 2nd Danielle Bigby (Balkuin); 3rd Torrie Thies (Dherwain)

16 years: 1st Ashlea Mackay (Bonda); 2nd Sarah Glass (Barang); 3rd Mikaela Apsey (Balkuin)

19 years: 1st Kayla Brackin (Balkuin) and Kimberley Wright (Dherwain); 3rd Chloe Wolski (Dherwain)

Open: 1st Kimberley Wright (Dherwain); 2nd Kayla Brackin (Balkuin); 3rd Jacqui Palfi (Bonda)


13 years: 1st Isaac Lee (Barang); 2nd Storm Arnold (Balkuin); 3rd Lochie Tolputt (Dherwain)

14 years: 1st Jayden Cauley (Balkuin); 2nd Daniel Apsey (Balkuin); 3rd Jordan Howard (Barang)

15 years: 1st Anthony Passante (Bonda); 2nd Nathan Gunst (Barang); 3rd Liam Dodman (Balkuin)

16 years: 1st Chris Clark (Balkuin); 2nd William Grundon (Barang); 3rd Joel Thornton (Dherwain)

19 years: 1st Todd White (Dherwain); 2nd Kaleb Moon-Burgess (Bonda); 3rd Ben Watt (Dherwain) and Dylan Chad (Balkuin)

Open: 1st Chris Clark (Balkuin); 2nd Jayden Cauley (Balkuin); 3rd Todd White (Dherwain)

Thank you to all staff and students for their assistance on Friday to help the day go smoothly.

Hawk Reporter articles which capture snapshots of the day will be posted shortly.