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Leadership Investiture

Peta Berghofer with Captains Alex and Chloe

Entertainment: Ensemble, Campbell Patterson, Brittania Clifford-Pugh, Sharee Muller, Sarah Lindsay

National Anthem: Ensemble

Acknowledgement of Country: Denzel Burns

Principal's Address: Leadership

Mr Green brought a camping lantern as his prop to assembly, explaining that he is an avid camper and bushwalking. He related an anecdote from a time when, in his twenties, he and a group of friends pushed the boundaries on an overnight bushwalker.

He related how they went off track and, at camp that night, collected firewood. Mr Green disoriented himself and lost sight of the track. He experienced fear but eventually used his senses and logic to return to the camp. If you're ever in a situation like that, don't leave the track.

Bringing it back to leadership, Mr Green asked, "What does a leader do when the solution isn't clear?"

He explained that your leadership will get to the point where you don't know what to do.  He suggested that you pause to take a deep breath. Look around you. Gain consensus and move towards a solution with others.

Mr Green wished our leaders all the best for the year ahead. 

Guest Speaker: Peta Berghofer, Class of 2012

Introducing our Guest Speaker it was noted that Ms Berghofer is a previous School Vice-Captain, Caltex All-Rounder Medallion and John Brooks Memorial Trophy winner who has graduated from USQ with a Bachelor of Creative Arts.

Ms Berghofer began with congratulations to the leaders being inducted for their tenacity and hard work to get to these positions. She briefly reflected on her time since graduating and how she has been accepted in Honours studies and started her own business in hand-crafted ceramics.

She disclosed that initially she had worried about presenting today, thinking that she hadn't done enough and hadn't seen enough since graduating. She revealed though that 17-year-old her would see a person who had some cool dreams coming true. "Perhaps that self-doubt is a message in itself," said Ms Berghofer. 

"What would we do differently if we had time again?" she questioned. She then suggested to students that they work on  worrying less, wearing less make-up, having more conversations with others no matter where they sit. She spoke directly to the leaders encouraging them to stop worrying about how you look in the blazer and have more confidence in yourself.  She reflected that she didn't give enough time to step back and enjoy her time as a leader and that students should do this rather than worrying about the expectations they place on themselves.

Ms Berghofer finished with the practical suggestions to focus more on 'everyday' leading: help in everyday, simple realistic ways; put your hand up for jobs no one else wants to do; chill out be there and help people when needed.

Mrs Berghofer presented Gold and Silver Leadership badges, assisted by Year 12 Coordinator, Mrs Angela Clarry.

Gold Leaders

School Captains: Chloe Ledger and Alex Hohn

Vice-Captains: Brittania Clifford-Pugh and Scott Schultz

Arts Prefects: Rebecca Hitchins and Will Johnston

Sports Prefects: Danielle Bigby and Tom Lister

Year Level Prefects: Jessica Liddelow, Noah Andison, Saxon Clews and Caspian Inskip

Silver Leaders

Balkuin House Captains: Natalie Allison and Denzel Burns; Vice-Captains Najwa Aliakbari and Liam Dodman

Barang House Captains: Brooke Haddock and Nathan Gunst; Vice-Captains Emily Gollan and Adam Holland

Bonda House Captains: Savannah Orcher and Mason Pike; Vice-Captains Jacqui Palfi and Callum Morrin

Dherwain House Captains: Caitlin Schaumann and Christopher Tate; Vice-Captains Torrie Thies and Andre Williams

The Leaders then took their Pledge of Office.

Ms Berghofer presented Junior Secondary Leadership badges, assisted​ by Deputy Principal Jane Livingstone.

Junior Secondary Leaders

Farah Al-Najafi, Emilee Bradford, Kirana Austin, Nikki Smith 
Mehran Ali Amini, Jayden Castles, Thomas Clerte and Malachi Hallas.

Junior Secondary Leaders took their Pledge of Office.

School Leaders Focus

Chloe and Alex spoke to the 2016 School Leaders focus. Chloe explained that in forming their focus the 36 leaders , who all have different jobs in the school, would have one focus: to be successful in their jobs.

They acknowledged that all students are aiming for different goals. 

"This year is our year of success," Alex declared. he continued, "There is no 'I' in success, just as there is no 'I' in team.

He encouraged students to continue to demonstrate the school values of pride as they work together as a team to achieve ​goals.

Vote of Thanks

Vice School-Captains, Brittania and Scott thanked Ms Berghofer for her advice and presented her with a small gift.