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Leadership Induction Assembly



Deputy Principal Mr Forknall on behalf of the Harristown High community welcomed students and staff to the Gold, Silver and Junior Secondary Leaders investiture ceremony for 2018.

He acknowledged the presence of our invited guests:

  • Mr Ken Green: Principal Harristown SHS
  • Special Guest: Lachlan Porter, Class of 2014
  • Deputy Principals: Mrs Leanne Monagle, Mr Dale Potter and Mr Ian Brackstone
  • Year 12 Co-ordinator: Mrs Angela Clarry
  • Year 9 Co-ordinator: Mrs Paula Beare
  • Our Gold, Silver and Junior Secondary Leaders
  • Parents and Family of those leaders
  • Staff and students

National Anthem

Welcome to Country: Callum Ward

Principal’s Address - Leadership

Mr Green acknowledged our guests and welcomed Lachlan Porter. He spoke of his cricketing prowess as a bowler and relegated a story about a student vs staff match at another school. He presented some advice for leaders of all ages that apply if you are a single leader or a part of a leadership team:

  1. There is nothing easy about leadership. If you are in leadership and you think, ‘this is easy’, chances are you are not leading but shirking some duties.
  2. Decision-making is a key requirement – when you make a decision, do not think everyone will applaud you. For every decision, there are those who agree and those who will disagree.
  3. In leadership, you find something out about yourself – who you really are, what you really stand for and what is it that you are prepared to stand for.
  4. Leadership is not for everyone. Mr Green encouraged the aspiration of our leaders and the hope that one day you will be a single leader and that this journey prepares you for that.

"Well done on receiving your badge today."

Guest Speaker Introduction

Mr Forknall introduced special guest speaker Lachlan Porter. Lachlan attended Harristown State High School for 5 years from 2010, graduating in 2014. In 2014, he was named School Captain. During his time at Harristown Lachlan was a graduate of the Accelerated Academic Academy, he was the recipient of Gold Academic Awards, Pride Awards, and in Year 12 was awarded a Gold Commendation for Service to the School, as well as the subject prize for Physical Education and the Year 12 All Rounder. Lachlan was also part of the Open Boys’ Division One Gold Medal winning Volleyball Team. In the 2014 Crescam Lachlan stated he would hopefully be pursuing a career as a Physio (preferably for the Qld Bulls Cricket Team) and he is now in his 3rd year of physiotherapy at ACU, part way to fulfilling his dream.

Guest Speaker Lachlan Porter

Lachlan offered congratulations to the leaders on their positions, wishing them all the best. He reflected that when he received his Gold Leader badge, today’s current seniors were in year 8. He was excited on that day and is honoured to be back. Leadership was about making lifelong friends and amazing memories. He spoke of the gold leader initiative, which had them facing the challenge of involving everyone in the school. Their initiative challenge still exists – the art piece on the blue gym – representing students from 2014.

He spoke of his time since school spent firstly on a gap year working at Withcott seedlings to earn coin and take a break from studying. He is loving physio study – especially learning about the human body and apply that to treat people with differing disabilities and disorders. His university experiences include time as a student representative and class leader maintaining a GPA 6. He thanks Harristown teachers, fellow students and Mr Green for where he is right now. He urged students to reflect on one of the key qualities of a leader – that it is the quality of you as a person regardless of your position.

Presentation of the Gold Leaders Badges

Lachlan presented the badges to the School Captains, assisted by Year 12 coordinator Mrs Angela Clarry.

  • Adeng Santino and Jye Bonell
  • Vice-captains: Maddison Burns and Russell Chambers 
  • Arts Prefects:  Jasmine Weaver and Ryan McColl
  • Sports Prefects: Isabella Halaufia and Isaac Kleidon 
  • Year Level Prefects: Brianna Smith, Tiana Wegener, Benjamin McNalty and Kyle Christian

Presentation of the Silver Leaders Badges

Lachlan presented the badges, assisted by Year 12 coordinator Mrs Angela Clarry.

  • Balkuin House Captains: Tahlia Edards and Zachery Erlandson; 
  • Vice Captains: Renz Buenceslao and Ryan Cartwright 
  • Barang House Captains: Lucinda Leadbetter and Riley Knox; 
  • Vice Captains: Angelica Gosling and Bevan Fry
  • Bonda House Captains: Sasha Pankowski and Connor Purcell;
  • Dherwain House Captains: Chloe Walther and Callum Ward;
  • Vice Captains: Kira Thompson and Kieran Pollett

The leaders stepped forward and took their pledge of office.

Junior Secondary Leaders badges

Lachlan presented the Junior Secondary Leaders badges with the assistance of Mrs Paula Beare.

  • Girls: Kimberly Astbury, Abeni Davidson, Claire Gainsford, Issra Maryol, Erin Symes and Zoe Thomson
  • Boys: Baden Adkins and Caleb Thompson

The Junior Secondary Leaders stepped forward and took their pledge of office.

School Leaders Focus for 2018

Adeng and Jye introduced the School Leaders Focus for 2018.

Adeng introduced the idea of responsibility to the students and asked students what 2018 should look like:

“Like all great teams, each and every team member carries a great deal of responsibility to ensure that the end goal of victory is achieved. Whether it be benchwarmers filling up water bottles and handing out sweat towels, managers organising and filling out paper work, coaches mentoring and guiding, or fierce players competing.” She asserted that each member contributes to a positive, kind and fun environment and unified, harmonious and adaptable team

Jye continued with suggestions of how students can ensure the end goal of success as a team is achieved: “… it starts with the little things. When you are walking around the school and you see that little piece of rubbish, pick it up. When you come across somebody who seems to be in need of some company, ask how they’re going. When you’re getting ready for school in the morning, ensure that you have all you need to complete the day. When you have deadlines coming up, make sure you can get your assessment in on time. In the case that you fall short, take initiative and speak to your teachers. In all you do, remember to act with integrity, diligence and enthusiasm.  In all you do, it is important to remember that each and every one of us has some form of responsibly that will determine the success of our hawk team. So, what makes a team player? John C. Maxwell says that a team player is one 'who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.'"

"It is our belief that everyone inside our school community can be a team player, no matter how old or what background they come from. The first step, however, is taking responsibility for your actions. This means cutting the excuses and taking ownership, and in the case that there are consequences; take them in your stride. This year, the focus for Harristown State High School is taking responsibility. We can all contribute to improving our school community, and with the support of all our peers, teachers and parents, we can all achieve something great. Together, we can prove why Harristown State High School really is the school of choice. So, remember as us Gold and Silver leaders are getting our badges, you don’t have to be wearing a blazar or have a badge to contribute to the team. To conclude, we will leave you with one simple question: what will you do to ensure that you are a team player within the Harristown State High School community in 2018? "

Vote of thanks

Maddison and Russell delivered the vote of thanks.  Maddi thanked the parents for their love and support over the last 12 years and for their continued support this year. Russell thanked Lachlan for his time coming back to speak and for his words of encouragement. They presented a gift to Lachlan. They also thanked Mr Green, Mr Forknall and Ms Mazzanti for their work.