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Beautiful ​Bard Stars

October 22 Assembly

Leaders: Tim and Kathryn

Acknowledgement: Tony

Principal's Address:

Mr Green acknowledged and thanked the Year 11 students who are helping with the enrolment interviews for 2015.  Over 350 Year 7 or 8 students have already had their enrolment interview and these interviews will continue for the next month.

The Gold Leader interviews have completed and the 10 boys and 9 girls who participated should be congratulated for reaching this level. The Leader process involves disappointment for some with a limited number of positions available. The announcement of the 2015 Gold Leaders will be made on Presentation Night.  Dealing with disappointment is a difficult thing and Mr Green commended students for how they cope. The Junior Secondary Leader interviews will occur this Friday. Mr Green commended the courage of the students in the face of this daunting process.

We have a number of staff going on leave next year. Congratulations to the  staff who will step up into the following roles:

  • Sports Coordinator - Mr Wilkes
  • Acting HOD Science - Ms Brownhalls
  • Acting HOD ICT and Resources - Mr Kelly
  • Year 10 Coordinator - Mr Krisanski
  • Year 8 Coordinator - Mr Knott
  • Dherwain Junior Secondary Manager - Mr Marshall
  • Barang Junior Secondary Manager - Ms McMahon

Skateboards and scooters, as with bikes and other vehicles, not to be ridden through school. Procedures will follow as to how to house them safely.

ICAS English competition

74 students from the Academic Academy classes and volunteers from Year 12 competed in the ICAS English competition in July. There were 12 Merit Awards and 20 Credit Awards presented. Distinction Awards were presented to Lachlan McLeod and Mardi Duncan.


Bronze Leader Taylor Titcumbe acknowledged the three teams who entered the Queensland Debating Union competition.  Thanks go to Ms Clifford and the coaches Mr Parker, Ms Herold and Ms Dang for their hard work. Certificates were presented to

Year 10 Team: Caspian Inskip, Mardi Duncan, Brittania Clifford-Pugh, Susannah Dudman and Carly McColl

Senior Team A: Jacinta Taylor, Jadzi Clifford-Pugh, Belynda Cheyne, Sinead Leane, Nyakuoy Yak

Senior Team B: Rachel Grey, Myra de Smet and Caitlin Hearne

Bard Stars

Bronze Leader Victoria Kennedy spoke about the Bard Stars, Harristown High's Shakespearean troupe.  Shake and Stir hold a regional and state competition i which the Bard Stars compete. This year, after competing in the Toowoomba competition, Jadzia Clifford Pugh, Brittania Clifford Pugh and Campbell Patterson were selected to compete in the State competition which was held in Brisbane last weekend.  it should be noted that getting into this level put them into the top 167 of 6000 competitors. Thanks to Ms Walsh, Ms Brown and Mr Macdonald for assisting with the Bard Stars in 2014.

October 15 Assembly

Leaders: Harry and Maddison

Acknowledgment of Country: Kiara

Principal's Address:

Dramatic entrance to promote National Ride to Work and school day.  Mr Green highlighted, in Mental Health Week, four things he has learned about life through the joy of cycling

1. While there may be an easy ride to work the uphill journey home is longer and a more difficult ride just like life. We can still participate knowing the end is harder than start.

2. Looking at the road rather than the hill ahead makes for an easier cycle.  Avoid mental anguish and focus on today. By taking one day at a time, the hills can be made look smaller.

3. Just as in cycling, you can choose your direction as some paths may be easier and some more scenic. You can look for other ways. Life, like cycling, is about choices so make a choice that is easy for you to get that task done.

4. The novelty of a new bike wears off and cycling can become hard work. Work on time management as the hardest thing about a job is the start. Just start!

Mental health week

The school welcomed QLD Police Chaplain Malcolm Twine who Spoke about his role and the effects that mental health can have on families, illustrating with his own family's story. Acknowledge the black dog, or anxiety, that exists for some people and the realisation that family have to help. He spoke about the strain on family and the lengths family members have to go to support, understand and how the ability to listen and talk to the sufferer is important.  He advised students to take one step at a time and take the time out to listen.  If you are feeling stressed or tired, find someone to talk to. Be prepared to listen to others and help them through.

Chocolate Drive​

Congratulations to Kim Craig who sold 23 boxes. She takes home a huge 4.5kg block of Toblerone for her efforts​