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​National Anthem and School Song: Rianna and The Ensemble

Assembly Leaders and Acknowledgement of Country: School Vice-Captains Myra and Mitch

Principal's address - Senior Assembly

Mr Green began the Senior Assembly by acknowledging the absence of 10 and 11 students who are at camp showing Hawk spirit. He spoke to the senior students about the following:

When facing exams and intellectual challenges, the best preparation is about taking care of yourself.  All students, especially Year 12 students who have QCS and Exam Blocks coming up, need to be mindful of the ways to be equipped, ready and intellectually alert:

  • force regular exercise into your life​
  • sleep is crucial; you are under performing if you are tired, 
  • remember the maxim 'garbage in, garbage out'; give your body the best chance by eating right

Mr Green wished Year 12 students well in the coming weeks of academic challenge. 

With the changes to Junior Secondary, Mr Green acknowledged that the school could do more to make Year 10 students feel a part of Senior Secondary. Students, what can be done? Give your feedback to a staff member, your SRC representative or Mr Green directly. 

Mr Green spoke with pleasure about his visits to the Year 10 and 11 camps.  He encouraged students that if they can plan ahead to go on a future camp, do so. If you've missed out on camp, learn from this experience that in life you must take those opportunities to participate when you can. Students have had great opportunities to demonstrate Hawk PRIDE; be a part of it in future. 

Today is the final trial of the split Junior and Senior Assemblies.  Mr Green is looking for student ideas in response to the trial.  He is saddened to not be able to have a full assembly and any thoughts students have on the best ways to run Assembly are welcome. In this trial, the Senior Assembly was scheduled first to enable the Silver Leaders to help guide students. Mr Green asked students for responses to Assembly scheduling, particularly if students would prefer a fortnightly assembly with a double Healthy Hawks lesson in the other week. Your thoughts are welcome. Mr Green's email address is 

Mr Green also asked students to consider the Interyear Program and the role our Senior Students play in helping Year 7s and 8s students transition from primary school. Your thoughts are welcome.

Principal's address - Junior Assembly

Mr Green spoke to students about the following:

Split Assembly - the trial finishes today. In this trial, you have Healthy Hawks first and then Assembly.  Are you happy with this or would you prefer to have Assembly in lesson 5? We are challenged physically to conduct a full-school Assembly even though that is desirable. Other challenges include not yet being a complete Junior Secondary group. Mr Green is still open to good ideas to make Assembly better. Junior students are encouraged to put forward their ideas. 

We wish to elect Junior Secondary Leaders from next year's Year 9 group (this year's current Year 8s).  Those students would be on stage at every Junior Secondary Assembly, along with some Gold leaders.  Be intently listening to what leadership opportunities will be available to you very soon.

Look forward to great opportunities at our school. Mr Green spoke about the Year 10 camp at Maroon Education Centre: great outdoor activities in a beautiful setting. The Year 11 Leadership Camp was also fantastic and had experiences such as skirmish, cycling, archery and other activities that model all of our school values. These are opportunities that all students should experience. Plan ahead to cover the financial costs so you can be part of these activities. 

Arts Day - Ben and Jazz

Make sure you don’t miss out on being part of this amazing day.  Get your entry forms from outside the G block staffroom.  Make sure you check the rules before handing in your entry form. You​ can enter by yourself or with your friends in Vocal, Instrumental, Dance, Drama, Comedy Performance, Visual Art, Film, Photography and, everyone’s favourite – Theatresports.


 Arts Day Promo Trailer

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