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Hawk News

​Dherwain Captains and the Max Land Cup for Athletics Overall House Champions

National anthem: Rianna and The Ensemble

Leaders: Emity and Lachlan

Acknowledgment of Country: Emity and Lachlan

Principal's address

Mr Green addressed the Assemblies about the following:

  1. He extended sympathy to the family and friends of a past student who died in a vehicle accident recently. This young man went to school here for Years 8 -10 and had an older sister and other relatives who also have been at Harristown as students. 
  2. He expressed his pride in the cast and crew of The Game Shuttle for the quality and creativity demonstrated. Every show different as it was live and involved audience interaction. 
  3. He appreciated that Mr Martin's address last week on litter had a great impact on every person at the school.  Mr Green thanked students for being part of the problem-solving and to continue the work.


Crescam, order your Crescam, don't miss out! If you have had your photo taken this year and especially if you have participated in school events, your photo will be in this years Crescam. Every event will be included! 

There will be A3 full colour photo collages:

  • Our four houses
  • Sporting events
  • Drama and Arts events 
  • Camps, ski trips etc.
  • Year 12 feature pages
  • Funny faces page AND MORE!!!!

ALSO: there will be a "where's Harry quiz", the first 10 students to answer all the questions correctly will win a prize. This will be an entertaining souvenir, a record of events and the Hawks who made it all happen! Listen to notices soon for more information on ordering your copy.

Senior Secondary Assembly

Oaktree Roadtrip  

The Senior Secondary Assembly were addressed by Jamie from Oak Tree.  Oak Tree is the largest youth organisation in Australia, working towards ending extreme poverty

Jamie spoke about how extreme poverty has already been halved in last 20 years and that Oak Tree is empowering thousands of young people to break out of the cycle of poverty and advocate for policy change.  She advertised the End Poverty Campaign that runs from 28th September to 3rd October.  Students can get involved if they are 16+ years old. Visit the link to join Roadtrip or find out more


Sports Prefects Coran and Maddie extended congratulations to all athletes who competed and Mr Green presented certificates and trophies to the following students


15 years & under

3rd Torrie Thies Dherwain

2nd Danielle Bigby Balkuin

1st/ winner of the Cheryl Gilbert Trophy Kiara Taylor Dherwain 

16 years & under

3rd Caitlyn Stocker Dherwain 

2nd Shiesha Munro Bonda 

1st/ winner of the Lyle Ketchersen Trophy  place Keely Beutel Dherwain  

19 years & under

3rd Chloe Wolski Dherwain

2nd Madison Franke Barang

1st/ winner of the Betty Fischer Cup Sharni Lee Barang 


15 years & under

3rd Josh Wiffen-Hayes Dherwain

2nd Ryka Dunemann Balkuin 

1st/ winner of the W J Ford Trophy Denzel Burns Balkuin

16 years & under

3rd William Grundon Barang

2nd Jake Tolputt Dherwain

1st/ winner of the Peter Matthews Trophy Gerome Burns Dherwain

19 years & under

3rd Student without Media Consent Balkuin

2nd Tristan Hope Barang

1st/ the winner of the Darryl Bishop Trophy Aaron Wieden Dherwain 

There was outstanding spirit demonstrated throughout the day, but after talking to numerous staff and students, two students stood out. Masooma Damarda competed in various events throughout the day, showing pride in herself and the Balkuin house, especially in the 800m event. Jackson Franke was also another stand out. During the 800m event, Jackson was seen running alongside any students who were struggling to complete the two laps. This is a fantastic demonstration of Hawk pride and we congratulate both Masooma and Jackson on their efforts throughout the day.

In addition to the age champion results, Denzel Burns is presented with the Glynis Saunders Trophy for the Best Performance at an Interhouse Athletics. Denzel Burns ran the 100m in 11.0 seconds, a National Qualifying standard; a superior effort demonstrated by Denzel on the day.

Junior Secondary Assembly


On the Junior Secondary Assembly, Ms Livingstone acknowledged Yr 8 students Cory Clowes, Brittaney-Grace Leeson and Callum Wise who received certificates for their efforts in Mathletics. 

The Maths Challenge for Young Australians is an Australia-wide problem solving competition for Years 8, 9 and 10 students. The competition consists of 6 problems to solve over a 3 week period. The problems are meant to be challenging and for students to achieve, they need persistence, commitment and very hard work.

The following students were awarded Credits for their efforts:

Year 8

  • Adahlia Daly
  • Harry Potter
  • Ephraim Thayer
  • Kirra Thompson

Yr 9 

  • Daniel Apsey
  • Adrian Forknall

Ben McNalty from Year 8 received a Distinction award for his entry.

The Year 8 Maths Quiz is a quiz across all of Qld. Three students are chosen to be on the team. The following students represented Harristown in this quiz, competing against all other secondary schools in Toowoomba:

Gilbert Inskip, Alex Little, Harry Potter.

Well done to all of those students.


Sports prefects Coran and Maddie extended congratulations to all athletes who competed at our annual Interhouse Athletics Carnival. They acknowledged the Age Champions and Houses.  Mr Green presented certificates and trophies as follows:


13 years & under

3rd Gabrielle Proctor Bonda

2nd Kaleisha Janes Barang 

1st/ winner of the Carol Gregory Trophy Chloe Walther Dherwain

14 years & under

3rd Cassidy Forster Barang

2nd Clarissa Janes Barang 

1st/ winner of the Jan Elmore Trophy Mikaela Ribot de Bresac Bonda 


13 years & under

3rd Rhys Carr Balkuin

2nd Lochie Tolputt Dherwain

1st/ winner of the Ian Gregory Trophy Kyle Boyd-Lowick Balkuin

14 years & under

3rd Jamie Johnson Barang and Brandon Dixon Balkuin 

2nd Aiden Edwards Barang

1st/ winner of the Donohue Trophy Richard Hayden Barang

Kyle Boyd-Lowick (year 8 student) is the winner of the Quinton – Champion of Age Champions Award with 106 points. Kyle placed 1st or 2nd in 10 out of the 12 events he contested. This is an effort that deserves an extra round of applause. 

HOUSE TROPHIES (presented at both Assemblies)

The Interact Club trophy for Participation goes to Balkuin house. The Interact House Spirit award goes to Barang House. Barang were also the winners of the March Past. 

Results for the houses are as follows:

In the Boys:

4th place was Bonda on 387 points;

3rd place was Barang on 637 points;

2nd place was Dherwain on 773.5 points;

And in 1st place for the Boys House Champions was Balkuin on 802.5 points.

In the Girls:

4th place was Bonda on 539 points;

3rd place was Balkuin on 583 points;

2nd place was Barang on 707 points;

And in 1st place for the Girls House Champions was Dherwain on 781 points.

The Overall House Champion results are as follows:

In 4th place was Bonda on 926 points;

3rd place was Barang on 1344 points;

2nd place was Balkuin on 1385.5 points 

And the Overall House Champions who receive the Max Land Cup for House Total were Dherwain on 1554.5 points. Dherwain were also the winners of the Quinton Relay trophy.

Congratulations to all houses and students who participated and thank you to all staff and students who helped to make the day run smoothly. Let’s hope we have such good weather again next year!

The House captains for Balkuin, Barang and Dherwain came to the stage to accept their trophies.

Rianna thanked Barang House for their spirit and made a special mention of the Kennedy twins who constructed the Viking boat.

Georgia thanked Balkuin House members for turning up.  She said, "We're looking forward to Arts Day; We've got to slam them all."

Todd spoke on behalf of Dherwain House.  He thanked all involved in putting the carnival together and thanked Dherwain, "for getting there and getting the job done."