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Hawk News

​Team members from the U15 and U16 Australian Volleyball Schools Cup Silver Medal winning teams 

Leaders: Junior Secondary Leaders, Ben and Hsarshee

Acknowledgement of Country: Jordan

Principal’s Address

Mr Green welcomed students, staff and made special mention of Pre-service teachers and special guests.  He spoke of last week’s coaching lesson where students reflected upon their report card results of behaviour, effort and attendance with their Form Class teachers. He reminded students of the goals they set for success this term. 

Mr Green said that a clear goal is important and related the story of a young actor from the 1980s who drove to the top of the hill overlooking Los Angeles at a low point in his life.  At that moment he did something extraordinary. He reached into the car and opened a chequebook, writing himself a cheque for 10 million dollars for acting services rendered because that was his goal; that someone would give him that cheque.  For some time life didn’t get better but every day he kept looking at that cheque, keeping his goal in front of him.  That man did hit the big time: Jim Carrey from The Mask, Bruce Almighty and Liar Liar.

He still has that cheque today.

Mr Green related other stories of those who keep a visible reminder of their goals in front of them.  He shared two of his own goals and their reminders: a small globe of the world symbolising his goal to one day visit Antarctica and a small bulldozer, a childhood possession that reminds him to not only be tough and strong but to keep pushing and never give up.  He encouraged students to select a visible reminder to keep their dreams in front of them. “Keep your vision in front of you; keep your dream alive.”

QLD Rail Safety

David Millward spoke about rail safety and some of the incidents that have occurred when choices are made.  He appealed to student’s sense of worth and community spirit and spoke about choices around rail safety. He screened a powerful video about the consequences of failing to observe rail safety rules such as crossing at designated crossings and staying away from the tracks.  The message of the video was to accept responsibility for actions and make choices that respect your life.


Captains David and Bre spoke about the Australian Volleyball Schools Cup 2014, when a number of teams travelled to Melbourne to compete. Teams were presented with their medals and congratulated on their achievements. 

Year 7 and 8 students interested in becoming part of the Harristown Volleyball Academy should listen to notices next week.

Signing in Process

Mr Forknall urged students to get to school on time and attend form class from 8.45 to 9am. If students are late, then at all times you must sign in at the office before you go to class and be recorded as present for the day.