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bronze leaders

Assembly Leaders: Year-Level Prefects, Felicity and Nick

Acknowledgment of Country: Callum

Principal’s Address

Mr Green began with a welcome to parents who were in attendance as part of our Bronze Investiture. He then showed a photo of a young boy who lives overseas and explained that the photo came in a mail brochure, as part of Mr Green’s support of overseas youth through an organisation.  He read the description of the boy, a 7 year old who has hopes and dreams as well as being part of a community whose experience of war is part of their struggle. 

Mr Green drew comparison between the boy’s country, Sri Lanka, and Australia.

  • For every 1000 children in the boy’s country, 10 don’t live past 5 years old. This is double Australia’s mortality rate;
  • Children underweight are 21% compared to Australia’s 0%;
  • School attendance rates in Sri Lanka are 98%.  Our target is 95%, even with everything we have in our country.  Mr Green said our attendance should be our focus and our challenge is to reach our target remembering that, despite their conditions, this boy’s school maintains 98% attendance.

Mr Green spoke about Bronze leadership.  Our students are showing leadership for attendance; the entire school should lift the attendance rate and lift it quickly.

Bronze Leadership Investiture

Alysha introduced the role of the 2015 Bronze leaders of Harristown State High School.  As with all leadership positions at Harristown, students must uphold the school’s code of behaviour at all times and reflect its ethos of Engage, Achieve and Excel.  A Bronze leader takes responsibility for a particular activity within the school.  These include Debating, Chaplaincy, Interact as well as the various sports and arts activities.  As Bronze leaders they must demonstrate the school’s values of Participation, Relationships, Integrity, Diligence and Enthusiasm.  They must be a role model and liaison for their team members and they must assist with the organisation and smooth running of the activity.  They need to create and maintain team spirit and promote the activity within the local and wider school community.

Matthew Bailey announced the Chaplaincy, Debating, International, Indigenous, Hawk I, Photography, Bard Stars, Chess and Interact Bronze leaders.  Arts Prefects Jadzia Clifford Pugh and Tesi Koka announced the Arts Bronze leaders. Later this semester, they look forward to announcing the captains for the Performance Ensemble, the Arts Production, Creative Generation and the Vocal Ensemble. Sports Prefects Taylor Hansen and Jack Liddelow announced the Sports Bronze leaders, assisted by the Sports Coordinator Mr Wilkes.

After students were presented on stage and received their badges, the Bronze Leaders stepped forward and spoke the Bronze Leadership pledge.

Ms Livingstone
Keely Beutel, Zara-Naharni Turner
Ms Dang
Belynda Cheyne
Ms Zaun,
Ms Radcliffe
Keely Beutel, Jeanluc Mugabe
Mr Knott
Kara Manteit, Gerome Burns
Ms Treloar
Caitlynn Patterson, Jacinta Taylor
Mrs Dayus,
Miss Beckman
Christine Byers
Bard Stars
Miss Walsh
Jadzia Clifford-Pugh
Mrs Macdonald
Senior Chess Pearce Titcume
Junior Chess Thomas Waterson
Ms Wark
Interact President Christine Byers, Vice President Jayde Austin, Secretary Meghan King, Treasurer Courtney Taylor
Symphonic Wind Ensemble
 Mrs Redfearn
Jadzia Clifford-Pugh, Emily-Jane Harvey.
The Stage Band
 Mr Lanzafame
 Ashley Hogg, Sam Solomon
String Ensemble
 Mr Stockwell
 Zara-Naharni Turner.
Tech Crew
 Ms Mullins
*name withheld, Tom Crimean.
Mr Martin
Keely Beutel, William Grundon
Australian Rules
Mr Clarry, Mrs Fraser
Josh Adams
Mr Mcdonald
Erika Aliakbari, Shaniah Holder
Cross Country
Mr Terry Ryan
Layla Jeffrey, Olotesi Koka
Girls’ Football , Futsal
Mr Burchardt
Tasha Jillet, Taylor Reeves
Boys’ Football, Futsal
Mr Wilkes
Joel Thornton, Jayden Formosa
Mr Krisanski
Tayla Gray, Shaun Alexander
Mrs Fraser
Taylor Hansen
Rugby League
Mr Brackstone
Belynda Cheyne And Gerome Burns
Rugby Union
Mr Seddon
*name withheld
Ms Varley, Mr Smith
Jayde Austin, Shane O’Connor
Ms Merriman
Sarah Glass, Chris Clark
Ms Varley
*name withheld, Gerome Burns
Mr Lau, Mr Martin
Bre Abela, Zayden Pidgeon

Student Representative Council

Caleb introduced the recognition of our Student Representative Council members.  This committee consists of the Year12 Gold Leaders and Year 9 Junior Secondary Leaders as well as four student elected nominees from Years 7, 8, 10 and 11.  The SRC is coordinated by Mrs McAleer.  During the year, the SRC organise and run service to the school activities including Junior and Senior balls, Harristown’s entry in the Carnival of Flowers parade as well as completing fundraising activities for both school and community organisations such as Shave for a Cure.  The committee also provides a link between staff and students, with your representatives using this forum to present your ideas and address your issues.

Alysha Hart, Matthew Bailey
Caleb Harvey
Taylor Reeves
Year 12 SRC members
Jadzia Clifford-Pugh, Olotesi Koka, Taylor Hansen, Jack Liddelow, Emily-Jane Harvey, Phoenix Robinson, Felicity Farquharson AND Nicholas McNalty
Year 11
Adelle Olm, Becky Hitchins, Tom Lister, Noah Andison
Year 10
Abigail Haydon, Selina Whittaker, Joshua Wardill, Michael Whant
Year 9
Maddi Burns, Kira Thompson, Mackenzie Stuart, Hsarshee Htoo, Benjamin McNalty, Lochie Tolputt, Jack Halpin, Callum Ward
Year 8
Nick Thomson, Braedyn Keogh, Kelly McLean, Jorjina-Rose Andreadis
Year 7
Elise Cuskelly, Taylor Deeth, Jahrem Richardson, Zac Kurowski

Courtyard Culture

Jadzia and Tesi reminded students about Courtyard Culture every second Friday. They hope to see everyone there.