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Hawk News

​Balkuin House Captains accept the Wendy Roberts Shield for Overall Interhouse Champions
​Leaders: Sports Prefects Jack and Taylor
Acknowledgment of Country: Antoine

Principal’s Address:

Mr Green started his address by saying ‘well done’ to Antoine who, while he had notes, delivered the acknowledgement without them.  He introduced his prop for Assembly: a box sized approximately 50cm cube.  He stated that this box is his and contains the hopes, aspirations and dreams that he has in his life.  Everyone has something like this in their life.
He stood and waited for his dreams, hopes and ambitions, contained in the box, to move closely to him. They didn’t. 
“If we stand here and do absolutely nothing, our dreams, hopes ambitions don’t move to us. I have to take at least one step towards them,” Mr Green said
Identify your goals, dreams and ambitions for the future. If you stand and wait for them to happen, they won’t. You must take steps daily to move towards them.
One of Mr Green’s hopes and ambitions for our school is for it to been seen as a fabulous school.  Mr Green continued, “We need to take steps towards that. Well done for attending today. We have a clear target for attendance: 95% for every single student.  It isn’t a high target. You could be on track for 95% attendance and have missed 10 school days – one whole fortnight of school.”
Our other school goal is achieving B or better.  For effort and behaviour our school uses words:
  • Excellent (Ex) =A for effort and behaviour
  • Very Good (VG) = B for effort and behaviour
The aim is for every student to be Very Good or Excellent in effort and behaviour.  Mr Green urged students to move towards our dream of excellence by achieving this.

Swimming Carnival Presentations

Mr Wilkes acknowledged all students and Houses who excelled on the day.  He also expressed thanks Ms Bidgood and the catering crew. Sports Prefects Taylor and Jack announced the Age Champions who then were presented with certificates and medallions as they crossed the stage.
 Girls Age Champions (Boys Age Champions photo withheld)
​ ​Age Champions
​12 Years Girls
1st        Jorja Ride
2nd        Isabelle Baker
3rd        Georgia Collins
12 Years Boys
1st        Thomas Innes
2nd        Nicholas Austin
3rd        Darren Galvin​
​13 Years Girls
1st        Emilee Bradford
2nd        Nikki Smith
3rd        Mykaila McIntosh & Taylor Deeth
​13 Years Boys
1st        Kyle Davis
2nd         Jayden Castles
3rd        Tyler Geitz
​14 Years Girls
1st        Lucy Leadbetter
2nd        Kira Thompson
3rd        Nalani Kiakpe
​14 Years Boys
1st        Izaac Lee
2nd        Storm Arnold & Rowan Davison
3rd        n/a
​15 Years Girls
1st        Mikaela Ribot de Bresac
2nd        Hayley Gray
3rd        Brooke Warner
​15 Years Boys
1st        Jayden Cauley
2nd        Daniel Apsey
3rd        Jordan Howard
​16 Years Girls
1st        Jacqui Palfi
2nd        Torrie Thies
3rd        Danielle Bigby
​16 Years Boys
1st        Anthony Passante
2nd        Adam Holland
3rd        Callum McFeeters
​19 Years Girls
1st        Ashlea Mackay
2nd        Sarah Glass
3rd        Mikaela Apsey
​19 Years Boys
1st        Christopher Clark
2nd        William Grundon
3rd        name withheld
​Open Girls
1st        Sarah Glass
2nd        Mikaela Apsey
3rd        Ashlea Mackay & Lucy Leadbetter
​Open Boys      
1st        Jayden Cauley
2nd        Christopher Clark
3rd        Anthony Passante & William Grundon
Bridget spoke on behalf of the Bonda House Captains accepting the House Spirit Shield kindly donated by the Interact Club. She expressed cheers to Bonda, “You guys are awesome and hopefully we can rock it out in the Cross Country.”  
The Lyn Parker Cup for Girls Champion House goes to Bonda.
The Wilson & Simon Trophy for Boys Champion House goes to Balkuin.
The Wendy Roberts Shield for Overall Interhouse Champions goes to Balkuin for the third year in row.
Tom spoke on behalf of the Balkuin House Captains, “Thanks to everyone but mostly our swimmers and cheerers. This one’s for you and you deserve it.”
The Interhouse Cross Country will be held at Kearneys Spring on Wednesday on 1st April.  Let’s hope it is just as keenly contested.