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Lonnie Gilroy and Captains
​Mr Lonnie Gilroy and the School Captains

Acknowledgement of Country:  Callum Ward


Mr Craig Forknall welcomed staff and students to the Gold, Silver and Junior Secondary Leaders Investiture ceremony for 2015 and acknowledged the invited guests.

Principal’s Address: Mr Ken Green

Mr Green spoke about Leadership.  He asked a series of questions and congratulated students on their leadership so far:

  • If you have not missed a single day of attendance, that’s great leadership.
  • If you have been in immaculate school uniform, that is great leadership.
  • If you have attended every class on time and followed your teacher’s directions, that’s great leadership.
  • If you haven’t dropped a single piece of litter and minded your language, that’s great leadership.

Mr Green cited examples of leadership in the context of great or heroic acts, or acts that are life-changing or history-changing such as Sir Edmund Hillary who led his team to conquer Mt Everest, or even Lonnie Gilroy who, in 2011, led his team and this school to be part of Harry Potter Week.  He then reminded current year 12 students, who would have been in Year 8, how Harristown State High School transformed into Hogwarts, with Mr Green on Assembly as Albus Dumbledore.  Ms Monagle, acting as Professor McGonagall, printed everyone a special timetable with subject names changed for the day and Year 12s enjoyed the movie as a latest release at the cinema.

“These great acts of leadership are valuable and in Lonnie’s case, create great and wonderful memories,” he said, “but true leadership to me, also requires the things that aren’t ‘one-off’.”

He reminded students of the catchphrase ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ and reminded students that it was built daily.  Leadership doesn’t occur in a day, but on the daily effort to be leaders and model our school values. “We are proud of you, congratulations and well done,” he finished.

Guest Speaker: Mr Lonnie Gilroy, Class of 2011

Mr Gilroy began his speech by congratulating the leaders, “You should be proud of yourselves.”

He is glad to be here to represent his fellow leaders and spoke of his time since graduation studying Film and Television at university. He is happy to be remembered, and how being remembered – leaving a legacy – and taking time to stop and enjoy yourself are the key points of his speech.

“Being remembered is the sort of thing you have no control over, but also is entirely in your hands,” he said.  Hi continued by saying that while you can be remembered for leadership, personality and achievements, every day you attend school you are dictating what people think of you.  You don’t have to be a captain but a boy who’s nice to the tuckshop ladies or the girl with straight As or the guys who go all out with their costumes at the sporting carnivals.  “You could be the sort of person who tries their best, who people want to be around and who is missed when you leave,” he said.

Mr Gilroy urged students, “Decide to be a good person; you are in charge of the legacy you leave.” He reminded students that in another sixty years that not many get remembered but you contribute to the Hawk Spirit. 

Leadership is easy to criticise, but hard to do, Mr Gilroy said as he offered the following to leaders:

  • be kind to others
  • do the right thing
  • listen more than you talk
  • and stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves

While he reflected on many good memories he acknowledged that not every day is 100% perfect. But the bad stuff melts away after not so long and students will just remember the good times.  He advised, “So if you’re stressed out or unhappy this year (and I guarantee it’ll happen at some point) find a friend and tell a joke and have a laugh. That’s all you’ll want to remember in the end.”

Presentation of Leadership Badges and Pledge of Office

Mr Gilroy then presented badges to Gold and Silver Leaders, assisted by Year 12 coordinator, Ms Amy McAleer:

School Captains: Alysha Hart and Matthew Bailey
Vice-captains: Taylor Reeves and Caleb Harvey
Arts Prefects: Jadzia Clifford-Pugh and Olotesi Koka
Sports Prefects: Taylor Hansen and Jack Liddlelow
Year Level Prefects: Emily-Jane Harvey, Phoenix Robinson, Felicity Farquharson and Nicholas McNalty
​House Captains: Emmie Baker and Tom Crimean; Vice-Captains Jayde Austin and Shaun Alexander
Barang House Captains: Sarah Glass ​and Samuel Kleidon; Vice-Captains Tayla Gray and Jordyn Kuhn
Bonda House Captains: Bridget Naumann and Zayden Pidgeon; Vice-Captains Alissa Reinke and Alex Ryan
Dherwain​ House Captains: Emily Wright and Gerome Burns; Vice-Captains Keely Beutel and Payman Tarar

Gold and Silver Leaders took the pledge of office. Mr Gilroy then presented badges to Junior Secondary Leaders, assisted by Year 9 coordinator, Mr Daniel Schick

Kira Thompson, Mackenzie Stuart, Maddison Burns and Hsarshee Htoo
Benjamin McNalty, Lochie Tolputt, Jack Halpin and Callum

The Junior Secondary Leaders took their pledge.

School Leaders Focus 2015

Alysha and Matthew introduced the School Leaders Focus for 2015 by acknowledging the different responsibilities their badges identify but their one goal: “to ensure that the many Harristown traditions that are embedded within our school are passed on to each and every one of you, so that the pride, spirit and passion that the many Hawks who have flown here before have created is never lost.”​

With one third of the school population new to Harristown, they plan to have every member of the Harristown community understand and know what it feels like to be a Hawk.  They noted the privilege in being able to have the opportunity to give Hawk Pride to two new year levels.  They also noted the amazing culture and honour to be a part of the 60th anniversary: “We don’t just sit on the sidelines and watch, we cheer with all our might.”

“As a leadership team we will strive to do our best to create events that will ensure you have the opportunities to become a ​hawk and have passion for our school.”

Vote of Thanks

Vice-captains Taylor and Caleb gave a vote of thanks to:

  • Mr Lonnie Gilroy, for giving input from his experience as 2011 School Captain and his words of advice
  • Staff, with special acknowledgement to Mr Forknall and Ms McAleer for organising the ceremony
  • Parents, for sharing this special moment and for their support and guidance
  • Fellow students, for attendance and their vital support in ensuring that every member of the Harristown community understands and knows what it feels like to be a Hawk.​