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bonda wins house spirit
​Bonda wins House Spirit Award
Leaders: Arts Prefects, Tesi and Jadzia
Acknowledgement of Country: Gerome Burns

Principal's Address:

SC = Swimming Carnival

Mr Green thanked Mr Wilkes, the House Captains and Vice Captains and all swimmers, stating his pride in the participation from all, especially those who participated in the 50m races to make up the numbers for their house. He related his own experience, as a non-swimmer who dodged the races at school up until his final year when, as school captain, he had to set an example by swimming.  Students were asked to visualise a 1975 version of Mr Green, floundering at the 30 meter mark before finally finishing.  Mr Green expressed empathy for the swimmers who found it hard work and knows how they feel.  He congratulated those who found it hard work and those who found it easy.  He said well done to Balkuin as overall Swimming House Champions and as winners of the Participation award.  He then spoke about how the key to the day is House Spirit.

The third major award for the Swimming Carnival is House Spirit where Mr Green is the sole judge.  He was looking for the House who displayed the most spirit over the whole day and announced that Bonda were the winners of the award. Congratulations to Bonda.  The captains came up to receive the shield on behalf of their House. Zayden spoke, giving a shout out to Mason and Kirra for cheering all day and a big thanks to all Bonda students.

Mr Green also spoke about three L words he would like students to remember:

L is for looks - our choice is formal uniform for every day, unless you have sports activities. 

L is for litter - a problem solved in an instant when we all say, “I will not litter. If I see litter, I will pick it up.”

L is for language - avoid the poor language. If it is not a word that Mr Green would use at the microphone on Assembly, then don't use it. 

Deputy Principal's Address:

Ms Monagle welcomed Harry to help her with today's address where they covered the following information: 

  • Dimensions of Learning are our learning framework. 
  • We use the hand to remind us of the five dimensions. On the hand the thumb and little finger join together that's because they are the stage for our learning. 
  • The thumb of the stage represents our Attitudes and Perception. You can remember this using the gesture 'thumbs up' or good attitude.  Teachers are working really hard with students at the moment establishing the Attitudes and Perception of the class. Harry demonstrated all the things he has seen that are helping students get organised to go into class, to start the lesson with a good attitude to learning and help the class as a group create a positive learning environment:
    • lining up outside of class
    • having PRIDE planner for every lesson
    • having the right books, pencil case and shoes for the lesson
  • The little finger creates the other part of the platform – it represents our Habits of Mind.  These are how we think before we act. The productive habits of mind help us make better choices and be able to solve problems. There are 16 Habits of Mind, our teachers model these and teach these in class.  
  • The Habits of Mind help Harry do a better job at being a Hawk. They help him think before he acts and help him make better choices. Harry's favourite habits are:
    • Finding humour - Finding the quirky, strange and unexpected; being able to laugh at oneself
    • Managing impulsivity - Thinking before acting; remaining calm, thoughtful and deliberative
    • ​Persisting - Persevering with a task through to completion; remaining focused

Student Representative Council (SRC)

C​ongratulations to the following students who have been selected to represent their year level:

Year 7
  • Elise Cuskelly
  • Taylor Deeth
  • Jahrem Richardson
  • Zac Kurowski
Year 8
  • Nick Thompson
  • Braedyn Keogh
  • Kelly McLean
  • Jorjina-Rose Andreadis
Year 10
  • Abigail Haydon
  • Selina Whittaker
  • Joshua Wardill
  • Michael Whant
Year 11
  • Adelle Olm
  • Becky Hitchens
  • Tom Lister
  • Noah Andison 

These elected students will be joined by our Junior Secondary Leaders and our Gold Leaders.

Dental Van


Students, Years 7 to 10, at Harristown SHS are now being offered the opportunity to access free dental care through the school dental service at North School Dental Clinic. 

If you would like your child/children to participate in the free dental care programme, you will need to phone to make an appointment. appointments are being coordinated through the administration at Toowoomba Hospital Dental Clinic.  Please phone 46166500 after 9:00 am Monday to Thursday.  To take advantage of this offer you will need to phone and make an appointment before Friday 27th March.

Please remember:

  • The dental van will not be at school.
  • There are limited appointments before and after school.  Most appointments will have to be during school time.
  • Oral health does not accept any responsibility for transport of the children to and from their appointments.
  • Parents/Legal Guardian must attend all appointments.​