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Hawk News

​Balkuin wins the Swimming Carnival

Leaders: School Vice-Captains Caleb and Taylor

Acknowledgement of Country: Antoine Roma

Principal's Assembly Address

Mr Green addressed the school about catch phrases, those commonly used words and phrases for example, 'She'll be right mate'; 'C'mon Aussie'; 'keep your hair on'; 'go figure'. He reflected on the catch phrases common to our school and to staff and students as Hawks.  These include:

  • Go Hawks, Go Balkuin, Go Barang, Go Bonda, Go Dherwain
  • Hawk PRIDE (reflecting our values)
  • Toowoomba's school of choice,
  • Engage, achieve, excel (our vision)
  • Our values, Habits of Mind and DOL (Dimensions of Learning) and the hand that appears on our classroom walls are also common.

Our aspiration as a school and our target since last year is that students achieve B or better.  Students are rated A to E on achievement, behaviour and effort.  We expect students to be striving for a result of B or better, results that are excellent or very good. 

"Only you can do this," Mr Green said. This is our year of results and, while we are working hard we are not there yet.  Continue to remind yourself that we need B or better achievement, b or better effort and b or better behaviour.  Be here every day to learn.

Midnight Basketball

Voelcker Sapolu, the Toowoomba Regional Council Youth Development Officer, encouraged students to register for Midnight Basketball via the online link or in person.  Midnight Basketball runs from February 6 for eight weeks. Visit or contact Voelcker on 0408527874 or email

Traffic matters

Constable Rebekah reminded students about

  • wearing a helmet when riding a bike
  • using the crossings safely
  • getting to your car quickly in the afternoon so parents can move out of the South Street 2 minute parking spaces

Student drivers are asked to avoid parking in Burton Street near the primary school as parents need this to get smaller children to school safely.

Ski Trip

Mr Martin spoke to Senior Students about the final opportunity to be part of the 4-11 July Perisher Ski Trip.  There are only 2 spots available on the definite bus.  He would like to fill a second bus.  Places are available that will be refunded if the second bus doesn't go.

See Mr Martin for letters and an information sheet.  If you paid last year, you must also see Mr Martin.

Interhouse Swimming Carnival

The results for the Carnival on Friday are

Overall Totals: 1st Balkuin; 2nd Barang; 3rd Bonda and 4th Dherwain

Participation: 1st Balkuin; 2nd Dherwain; 3rd Bonda and 4th Barang

12 Years Girls

  • 1st Jorja Ride
  • 2nd Isabelle Baker
  • 3rd Georgia Collins

12 Years Boys

  • 1st Thomas Innes
  • 2nd Nicholas Austin
  • 3rd Darren Galvin

13 Years Girls

  • 1st Emilee Bradford
  • 2nd Nikki Smith
  • 3rd Mykaila McIntosh & Taylor Deeth

13 Years Boys

  • 1st Kyle Davis
  • 2nd Jayden Castles
  • 3rd Tyler Geitz

14 Years Girls

  • 1st Lucy Leadbetter
  • 2nd Kira Thompson
  • 3rd Nalani Kiakpe

14 Years Boys

  • 1st Izaac Lee
  • 2nd Storm Arnold & Rowan Davison
  • 3rd N/A

15 Years Girls

  • 1st Mikaela Ribot de Bresac
  • 2nd Hayley Gray
  • 3rd Brooke Warner

15 Years Boys

  • 1st Jayden Cauley
  • 2nd Daniel Apsey
  • 3rd Jordan Howard

16 Years Girls

  • 1st Jacquilyn Palfi
  • 2nd Torrie Thies
  • 3rd Danielle Bigby

16 Years Boys

  • 1st Anthony Passante
  • 2nd Adam Holland
  • 3rd Callum McFeeters

19 Years Girls

  • 1st Ashlea Mackay
  • 2nd Sarah Glass
  • 3rd Mikaela Apsey

19 Years Boys

  • 1st Christopher Clark
  • 2nd William Grundon
  • 3rd James Bosworth

Open Girls

  • 1st Sarah Glass
  • 2nd Mikaela Apsey
  • 3rd Ashlea Mackay & Lucy Leadbetter

Open Boys

  • 1st Jayden Cauley
  • 2nd Christopher Clark
  • 3rd Anthony Passante & William Grundon

Congratulations to all students, staff, spectators and swimmers on a successful carnival.

School Photos

School Photos are on Thursday 12th February. All students are to wear Formal Uniform and bring their photo envelope even if not purchasing photos.  The envelope has a barcode that acts as the ID for each student.