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Hawk Assembly Notes

bronze leaders

Assembly Leaders: Year Level Prefects, Saxon and Caspian

Acknowledgment of Country: Hayley Langton

Principal’s address

Today we are recognising students with a passion in a chosen area.  Our Bronze Leaders work with staff to organise opportunities in many areas of our school. The commitment of these Bronze Leaders and their passion provides opportunities for all our students.

Bronze Leaders Induction

School Captain, Chloe Ledger explained the role of Bronze Leaders who demonstrate the school values, provide leadership for their team and promote their activity within the school. Alex then announced the Cultural Bronze Leaders who were presented with badges by Ms Monagle.
Carley McColl and Caspian Inskip
Caspian Inskip
Pavithra Vickramasinghe and Jorawar Singh
Savannah Orcher and Nick Isaacs
Penny Warner and Adelle Olm
Bard Stars
Campbell Patterson
Curt Walsh
Marni Sheedy, Adelle Olm, Carley McColl, Will Johnstone and Georgia Syme

Will and Becky announced the Arts Bronze Leaders.

Symphonic Wind Ensemble
Sarah Lindsay and Campbell Patterson
Stage Band
Sharee Muller and Brittania Clifford-Pugh
String Ensemble
Sharee Muller
Performance Ensemble
Sarah Lindsay
Tech Crew
Caspian Inskip and Will Johnstone

Sports Prefects Danielle and Tom announced the Sports Bronze Leaders

Kiara Taylor and Denzel Burns
Mason Pike
Cross Country
Caitlyn Stocker, Amir Holland and Chris Tate
Kiara Taylor, Danielle Bigby, Anthony Passante and Tom Lister
Torrie Thies and James McQuade
Savannah Orcher
Rugby league
Denzel Burns
Savannah Orcher and James McQuade
Danielle Bigby
Kiara Taylor and Denzel Burns
Saxon Clews, Najwa Aliakbari and Scott Schultz

The Bronze Leaders made their pledge of office.

Student Representative Council (SRC) Induction


Jadzia and Scott explained the role of the SRC. This committee consists of the Year12 Gold Leaders and Year 9 Junior Secondary Leaders as well as four student elected nominees from Years 7, 8, 10 and 11.  The SRC is coordinated by Mrs Clarry and Mrs Beare.  During the year, the SRC organise and run events such as the Junior and Senior balls to help fundraise for what the students believe to be priority areas around the school and in the community.  The committee also provides a link between staff and students, with your representatives using this forum to present your ideas and address your issues.


In 2016, the SRC will be managed differently to previous years.  The Year Level Prefects will take on the key leadership roles in the SRC such as president, vice president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.  These roles will be rotated throughout the year so that the workload is shared amongst the team. Caspian, Noah, Jess and Saxon introduced the SRC reps:

Year 7
*name withheld
Louis Gosling
Dominick Irish
Chloe Walmsley
Year 8
Danielle Brotherton
Zain Carr
Jim-Martin Rodriguez
Elina Schmidt
Year 9
Kiarna Austin
Mehran Ali Amini
Farah Al-Najafi
Emilee Bradford
Thomas Clerte
Jayden Castles
Malachi Hallas
Nikki Smith
Year 10
Jorjah Beutel
Russell Chambers
Aaron Jeffrey
Jasmine Weaver
Year 11
Chloe Newman
*name withheld
Saad Shabbir
Carlie Smith
Year 12
Alexander Hohn
Chloe Ledger
Scott Schultz
Brittania Clifford-Pugh
Tom Lister
Danielle Bigby
Will Johnston
Rebecca Hitchins
Jessica Liddelow
Noah Andison
Caspian Inskip
Saxon Clews

Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Mrs Beare asked students to consider getting involved in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards scheme which has a tremendous array of activities that you can use towards achieving an International award and, if in Senior, gain points towards your QCE.