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Mr Green Life is like a game of golf
​Mr Green and his Assembly address: Life is like a game of golf

Performance: Tevita Cocker “World’s greatest” by R Kelly

Anthem: Ensemble with Caleb and Phoenix

Assembly Leader: Ms McAleer

Acknowledgment of Country: Antoine Roma

Principal’s Address - Life is like a game of golf

Mr Green recognised that he was beginning his address on this euphoric occasion on a sombre note. Out of respect for those who have suffered and lost during the recent events in Paris, the school observed a 1 minute silence.

Mr Green altered a popular analogy for his address, “Life is like a game of golf.”

The five things to be aware of in a golf game:

  1. Head – fixed, down and stationary
  2. Eyes - glued to ball
  3. Grip - overlap each other
  4. Feet - right position
  5. Backswing - slow and steady

Golf is one of the greatest games in the world but if you focus on what you shouldn’t be doing rather than what you should, the game is difficult. Just like the golf game, there are five (5) things in life – our school values – that you can bring to the great game of life

  1. Participation – if you are presented with an opportunity, and you can give it a go, then choose to participate.
  2. Relationships – when relationships are good, life is fantastic. Relationships require work, so focus on being that person who shows genuine love and care and, when you are wronged, exercise forgiveness. The world needs that graciousness.
  3. Integrity – it’s about telling the truth; even when it makes you look bad. Be part of the culture of honour.
  4. Diligence – do the hard work.
  5. Enthusiasm – it’s a powerful thing that lifts others.

Mr Green addressed the Year 12 students, wishing them well as they complete five years of high school with these five important values to take with them for a great life.

The Assembly then enjoyed a photo presentation of the graduating class.

Gold Leader Changeover

The 2015 Gold Leaders each spoke a farewell before handing their blazer over to their 2016 counterpart:

Year Level Prefects

  • Felicity Farquharson – Saxon Clews
  • Phoenix Robinson – Noah Andison
  • Emily-Jane Harvey – Jess Liddelow
  • Nick McNalty – Caspian Inskip

Sports Prefects

  • Taylor Hansen – Danielle Bigby
  • Jack Liddelow – Tom Lister

Arts Prefects

  • Jadzia Clifford-Pugh – Becky Hitchens
  • Tesi Koka – Will Johnston


  • Caleb Harvey – Scott Schultz
  • Taylor Reeves – Brittania Clifford-Pugh
  • Matthew Bailey – Alex Hohn
  • Alysha Hart – Chloe Ledger

Captains’ Address

Alysha and Matthew addressed the school, acknowledging that they will miss representing an incredible school. They reflected on the amazing achievements they have witnessed and wished students good luck in their endeavours. They extended their thanks to the Graduating Class who joined them on stage to sing the school song.

Shout outs

During the course of the Assembly there were many ‘shout outs’. Some are captured below.

  • To Antoine’s boys – "love youse!" Well done our Indigenous students on staying the distance.
  • To all the teachers, with special mentions from the 2015 Gold Leaders to:  Mr Dayus, Mr Reuther, Mr MacDonald, Mrs McAleer, Mr Wilkes, Ms Mullins, Mr Parker, Ms Gouldson and Mrs Dang – thank you!
  • To the supportive Year 12 Class of 2015 and Gold Leaders – it couldn’t have happened without you!
  • To an amazing bunch of 2016 Gold Leaders – enjoy, you will do well!
  • To the blazers – wear them with pride as leaders in 2016 (but don’t expect them to keep you warm)!
  • To going in different directions and to the future – trust in what you believe, keep looking and don’t settle, may your dreams reach the corners of your smiles, listen more than you speak, stay true to yourself, remember to breathe, have fun, be you and enjoy the moments!
  • To Mitch Shoemaker – ‘holler holler’ from the Assembly; tradition continues!