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Hawk News

sally wark memorial

Assembly leader: Mrs Clarry

Acknowledgement of Country: Denzel Burns

Entertainment: Peter Hallas, Sharee Muller, Brittania Clifford-Pugh, Campbell Patterson

National Anthem: The Ensemble

Principal's Address

Mr Green thanked the captains for his gift, an Aussie cricket cap and copy of Brittania's music single. He congratulated Balkuin on winning the Attendance trophy and their captains, Denzel, Natalie, Najwa and Liam, on their efforts. Congratulations to Georgie Waldren on winning the Lucky Student draw with her range of report card excellent and very good ratings.

Mr Green spoke about the journey and destination for Year 12 students and wished them the very best.

Farewell 2016 Seniors and Gold Leaders

Assembly enjoyed the traditional visual farewell of our Year 12 students before the 2016 Gold Leaders handed over their blazers to the 2017 Leaders.

  • Jess - "be prepared to meet a lot of new students; all will teach you something new."
  • Caspian - "stay open-minded; don't be too serious"
  • Saxon - "once a hawk, always a hawk"
  • Noah - "embrace every opportunity"
  • Becky - "life is a compromise"
  • Will - "shirt is not leadership material; just a regular blend of polyester cotton ... hope my school will never cease to view (my errors) with indulgence"
  • Danielle - "stop and soak up your last memories of high school"
  • Tom - "you'll be busy, but don't let that stop you having a good time"
  • Brittania - "anyone who steps up to wear a blazer wears the school on their shoulders"
  • Scott - "leadership role is what you make it; time for making memories"
  • Chloe - "not an easy job but so rewarding"
  • Alex - "enjoy the year and trust things will work out"; "America may have watched their elections, but Harristown has nailed theirs."

Captains' Address

Alex and Chloe addressed the school thanking teachers, staff and students. They reminisced about the early starts and breaks missed due to meetings. They spoke of the highlights of the year including sitting on stage every Wednesday and the evolution of the year 12 body as a team. They congratulated the class of 2016.

School Song

Year 12s claimed the stage for the school song.

Sally Walk Memorial

Mr Terrence Ryan and Mr Green spoke on the lawn before inviting Year 12 student, Natalie Allison, and Tim Wark to unveil the plaque for Sally in the remembrance garden.