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Hawk Assembly News

mr Green

Entertainment: Abi and Shanyn
National Anthem: Ensemble
Acknowledgement of Country: Marie Bevin

Principal's address

Mr Green, receiving a standing ovation and cheer from the Year 12s, began his speech with a prop: the vinyl album 'The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars'. He explained the opening track 'Five years' which has the lyric, "We've got five years, that's all we've got."
Mr Green reflected that five years is what Year 12 students have had of secondary education. He commended students for those five years and reminded students of Tess and Emery's Valedictory that charted the course of those five years on Presentation Night. He wished students the very best for a fabulous next five years and future.

Year 12 PowerPoint

Changeover of Gold Leader Blazers and Captains' Addresses

  • Chloe Koch - Brie Smith "Today your journey begins: one that can be stressful and one that steals your breaks ... remember all the laughter and fun that comes.."
  • Kurtis Griffey - Ben McNalty "No one is perfect and that's absolutely fine."
  • Perri Adkins - Tiarna Wagner "Start planning now, don't leave everything until the last minute."
  • Denzel Kaliyev - Kyle Christenson "Just be yourself. Don't change because you have a leadership position because otherwise you won't enjoy your year."
  • Claire Russo - Jasmine Weaver - "No matter how stressful your role as Arts Prefect gets, 'cause trust me it does get stressful, just push through it and have fun with your final year!"
  • Musa Rezai - Ryan McColl "Set your mind to reach great heights."
  • Mikaela Ribot de Bresac - Isabella Halaufia "Love what you do, have fun and take every opportunity that comes your way."
  • Jordan Howard - Isaac Kleidon "Keep striving to become a better version of yourselves."
  • Madeleine Cybulski - Maddi Burns "Give it your all, live in the moment and never take anything for granted. Do as much as you can and don't have any regrets."
  • Caleb O'Reilly - Russell Chambers "It has been an honour to represent Harristown at the countless events and on an everyday basis ... Wear the blazer with pride ... Enjoy your new role for what it is: an opportunity to meet new people, talk to those who you wouldn't normally and have an impact on people."
  • Tess Barry - Adeng Santino "Hold your head up high, despite the stress. Remember to laugh and have a good time because, in the end, that's all that matters."
  • Emery Kavuala - Jye Bonell - chant: "When I say 'Jai', you say 'Bonell'. It will be a great year, just stay true to yourself and your team."
From grateful thanks to fond reflections on moments with staff and students; from best wishes to the Year 11 Leaders to songs and chants, the Year 12 Gold Leaders closed the chapter on their leadership and their time with the Year 12 students. Tess and Emery encouraged the students to sing the school song with heart.

School Song

Year 12s took the stage to sing.