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Hawk Assembly News

Year 12 drama performance
National Anthem: Ensemble with Caleb and Emily-Jane

Assembly Leaders: Arts Prefects, Tesi and Jadzia

Acknowledgment of Country: Braiden Hinch

Principal’s address     

Mr Green announced Bonda as the best attending house on Friday but that Balkuin is still out in front in the running for the Every Day Counts trophy. 
Mr Green reflected on the importance of the number 0 and how there are times in your life when students don’t want the result to be zero.  His vision is that there is:

  • 0 litter
  • 0 absences
  • 0 students out of uniform
  • 0 overdue or not submitted assignments
  • 0 behaviour reports
  • 0 suspensions
  • 0 exclusions

Mr Green urged students to tell themselves:
"I can organise myself and have 0 absences or non-submits."
"I can model values and have 0 behaviour incidents."

Each student needs to work towards achieving 0 negatives by demonstrating effort. Lift and become the person you are meant to be.

No Aerosol Cans

Another 0 desired at the school is 0 aerosol cans. Mr Green  welcomed Maggie Lorentzen to speak. She has recently been hospitalised 3 times and spoke to the students about her anaphylactic reaction to sulphate, brought about be exposure to aerosol.  Initially thought to be severe asthma, it was soon realised that the cause was exposure to aerosol and is a serious risk to life. Think before you bring aerosols to school as you never know whose life you are putting at risk.

Mr Reuther’s year 12 Drama Group performance

Assembly enjoyed a performance from Mr Reuther’s Year 12 Drama class, performing a scene related to mental health.  ‘How not to behave: play, pause, rethink, rewind and play’.

Headspace Toowoomba

Natasha Parkins, a Community and Youth Officer from Headspace Toowoomba, explained the new service in Toowoomba and encouraged students to visit, call email or link in online for support.

Premier’s Reading Challenge

Hawk i  Leaders, Jacinta and Caitlynn introduced the Premier’s Reading Challenge that supports children up to Year 9 to develop a love of reading and improve their literacy skills. Over 700 readers in Queensland participated this year, including the majority of our Year 7 students. They announced the students who completed the challenge of reading 15 approved books over a designated time period and Mr Green and Mrs King presented them with certificates:

  • Alexandra Gibb
  • Tiara Hade
  • Kasey Hinselwood
  • Gabbie Clark
  • Kieron Lindsay
  • Bostyn Manthey
  • Tayla Martin
  • Tanatswa Mashingaidze
  • Toby McDonough
  • Brooke Poole
  • Connor Pooley
  • Ellie Potter
  • Zac Kurowski
  • Zara-Rose Murphy
  • Milrus Caguimbal
  • Rebekah Clayton
  • Maddi Duke
  • Elise Cuskelly
  • Carla Elliot
  • Erin Emes
  • Mohamed Elamir
  • *name withheld
  • Ruvarashe Mpofu Malandu
  • Nathaniel Canty
  • Declan Kay

All other participants will receive their participation certificate during their library lesson.