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Hawk Assembly News

Bard Stars
​Bard Stars Milrus, Kirra and Rahila who participated in the 2018 Qld Youth Shake Fest.

National Anthem: The Ensemble

Assembly Leaders: Arts Prefects, Jasmine and Ryan

Acknowledgment of Country: Jasmine Gray

ICAS English Competition

Held in July each year, ICAS English is an International competition.  Using multiple choice questions, the competition tests comprehension, grammar, vocabulary and knowledge of text structures. This year 95 students from the Academic Academy classes and volunteers from Year 7 competed in the ICAS English competition in July.

Students presented with a Credit certificate were:

  • Year 7 students: Charlotte Barrett, Johanna Beard, Jillian Bonell, Ory Bruski, Amelia Daunt, Jasmin Dennis, Mackenzie Short, Ashley Webber
  • Year 8 students: Tylah Bill, Madison Brown, Jarrah Deme, Brooke Ireland, Alyssa McLeod, Madeline Rohde, Erin Ryan
  • Year 9 students: Georgia Anderson, Michelle Buuts, Abi Davidson, Kylan Dunemann, Emma Lonergan, Hunter Purcell, Caleb Thompson
  • Year 10 students: Isaac Baker, Katherine Bonell, Kaleb Bowden, Ella Dwyer, Rebecca Sherrie

Students who received a Distinction were Year 7 Ethan Coney, Year 9 Cienna Beveridge and Year 10 Nat Halligan.

Bard Stars

Ms Walsh’s Bard stars, Rahila Abdul Hadi, Milrus Caguimbal and Kirra Thompson were welcomed to the stage to discuss the latest successes of our Shakespearean troupe.

Kirra: Good morrow Lords and Ladies. It has been another busy year for the Bard Stars. This year we had the opportunity to explore the dangerous, selfish, superstitious world of Macbeth. After many workshops we were inspired to embark on different creative journeys for the 2018 Qld Youth Shake Fest.  For the first time ever, all of the Bard Stars qualified for the regional finals. Nearly 6000 students across the state participated in the finals and we made the top 173.  Rahila Abdul Hadi qualified as a wildcard entry to compete against the state’s finest in the costume design category. Rahila designed intricate costumes based on a 1920s and 80s aesthetic for the character of Romeo from the play Romeo and Juliet.


Rahila: Finally, Milrus Caguimbal entered the film category that combined three different plays; Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Romeo and Juliet. Inspired by the legendary Sir David Attenborough, Milrus turned characters from these plays into different birds. The final product was called Avian Affection, a mockumentary that flew to the state finals as a wildcard. After a week of editing and re-shooting, the film was sent to Brisbane and placed second in the state.

Kirra: If you would like to see this award winning film and our costume designs, listen to notices and we will let you know when our work is on display. We would like to thank Ms Clifford and all of the other Bard Star supporters, we would not be able to accomplish these outstanding achievements without your guidance.

Harristown Debating Society

Mr Parker announced the Debater of the Year award, which stands as recognition not just of a student’s mastery of the debating discipline but also for consistent and far-reading demonstration of the Debating Society’s core values of dignity, sincerity and unity. This year’s recipient has been an extremely tenacious debater, a courageous leader and a genuinely supportive peer to her fellow debaters. Congratulations Adeng Santino.

Broken Bat presentation

Hayley and Zac spoke about the conclusion of the greatest in school softball competition our school, and possibly the region, has known. The competition started 15 weeks ago with over 105 students coming together to form the 15 teams that hit, threw, caught, slid, and ran their way toward the prestigious Broken Bat.

The competition sprouted from the region’s Golden Glove Carnival. With Hawk Softballers from Years 7 to 12 having such a great time at the carnival and rediscovering how fun softball can be, we wanted to create a competition that allowed all ages and skills to learn and play in a fun environment.  Zac and Hayley encouraged students to give next year’s Golden Glove Carnival a go and expressed thanks for the privilege of being captains for softball this year: “It has been an explosive year for softball and we are proud to have captained such growth in the school.”  The winners of the 2018 Broken Bat Competition are, Connor Purcell and the Balls Up team. Congratulations.

Premier’s Reading Challenge

Alyssa spoke about the Premier's Reading Challenge (PRC), an annual state-wide initiative for state and non-state schools and home-educated students up to Year 9.
The challenge aims to improve literacy and encourage children to read widely for pleasure and learning. Why read? The Premier’s Reading Challenge is an opportunity for students to be enthusiastic about reading, writing, authors and illustrators. Reading a variety of books builds vocabulary and knowledge, improves spelling and comprehension, can improve confidence, and it’s also a great way to relax.
For a student to successfully complete the challenge they must read 15 books during the reading period. Would the following students come forward and receive their certificates for achieving this:

  • Mackenzie Short
  • Nikk
  • itta Lavers
  • Ashley Webber
  • Charlie Ridgway
  • Gemma Walker
  • Jessica Ostrofski
  • Annabelle Richmond
  • Jeanne Shukurani

QATSIF Leadership Award

Ms Jones presented the 2018 QATSIF Young Indigenous Leader Award to Jessica Milward for outstanding leadership within the community.

Science Competition

Ms Brownhalls acknowledged the 183 students who participated in the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools in Science, which is conducted by the University of New South Wales in June. Our largest group of participants are the Year 7’s with 96 students completing the competition along with students from Year 8 to 12 who typically come from the Academy classes.  The purpose of the quiz is to allow students to see how their science skills are developing. Each student receives detailed feedback about their progress on a variety of science skills. Also, there is the opportunity for students who perform particularly well to receive awards.

All students are to be congratulated for their willingness to participate in this valuable activity, whether they received an award or not. Our whole-school results are compared with results from students from other schools across all of Australia, not just Queensland. The average results for our Year 9 group was slightly above the national average and the Years 8 students were within 2% or less of the national average.

Certificates are awarded across four sections; at the top High Distinction, then Distinction, Credit and Merit. For the first time in several years, two of our students, Year 9 students, Nic Lavers and *name withheld, achieved High Distinctions placing them in the top 1% or better in the region.  Another two students also in Year 9 received Distinctions, namely William Cooke and Anthony Otto.

In Year 7, 15 students achieved a Credit certificates. Six students in both Year 8 and Year 9 and 2 students in Year 10 achieved Credit certificates. Across the year levels another 16 students have already received their Merit certificates. Congratulations to these students.

Ski Trip

Adeng described and thanked teachers for organising the 2018 Ski Trip. She encouraged students to take up the opportunity of the 2019 trip to New Zealand. The video is available                

MAJR Movement

Jye thanked students for being a great audience for MAJR and providing positive feedback. He acknowledged Jorjah Beutel for her work in producing the videos.