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Hawk Assembly News

SEP fishing
Ryan presented Mr Green with the trophies won at the SEQ Fishing Competition for students with disabilities.

National Anthem: Ensemble

Acknowledgment of Country: Jakiah Boyle

Assembly Leaders: Arts Prefects, Musa and Claire

Principal’s address

Mr Green spoke to the following topics:


  • Congratulations to everyone who was able to attend Presentation Night last night. The standards for receiving an award are high and for every certificate presented, there’s someone who just misses out. Congratulations to all students for their participation and diligence.  
  • Mr Green read out the full list of Junior Secondary Leaders and Gold Leaders for 2018.
  • Congratulations to Year 9 Balkuin student Milrus who won the lucky draw for excellence in all areas and 100% attendance.


Mr Green began with another Dad joke: “Three men are stranded on a desert island, when a bottle washes up on the shore. When they uncork the bottle, a genie appears and offers three wishes. The first wishes to be return to London. The genie snaps his fingers, and that man returns home. The second man wishes that he was back in New York City, and with a snap of the genie's fingers, he finds himself at the Empire State Building. The third man, now alone on the island, looks around and says, "I wish my friends were back with me."

Be careful what you wish for, as it may happen that it may not be what you really want. An easy life does not produce any growth or results: a Football team without challenge does not improve. Never wish for an easier life, wish to be a stronger person.

English Highlights

Ms Clifford shared English Faculty highlights on ICAS, Bard Stars and Debating.


On Sunday 27th August, two teams of students from Years 7-10 competed in the Toowoomba Regional OptiMINDS Challenge event.  OptiMINDS is a Creative Sustainability Challenge designed to empower participants to think, create and communicate.  OptiMINDS’ aim is to enhance the potential of all participants by developing diverse skills, enterprise, time management, and the discipline to work collaboratively within a challenging and demanding environment.

During the 6 week period leading up to the event, teams worked together to produce a response to their chosen challenge.  Both teams chose to complete the Social Science Challenge called ‘Salad Days’.  The focus of this challenge was on the conflict between fruits and vegetables, specifically exploring the question of ‘Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?’  Students prepared a 10-minute dramatic response, based on research, to this topic.  On Challenge Day, students completed a ‘Spontaneous Challenge’ where they developed a concept response within a short time frame.

One team, Harristown 2, was fortunate enough to receive an invitation to the State Finals over the weekend of October 14 and 15.  Over the course of two days, students participated in the ‘Optiforum’ where they shared their ideas for a better future with others from across Australia and then participated in a State Finals Challenge.  While our team did not achieve the same lofty heights as they did at our regional event, they certainly did themselves proud.

Our 2017 teams were:

Harristown 1    Harristown 2 (State Finalists)
  • Laura Barrett      
  • Chloe Waters    
  • Wendy Xue         
  • Brayden Thompson        
  • Retaj Maryol     
  • Issra Maryol      
  • Nikita Barnes
  • Emilee Bradford
  • Madison Brown
  • Georgia Deeth
  • Taylor Deeth
  • Amy Jensen


Maths Competition

Maddy Cybulski reported that 136 students participated in the Australian Mathematics Competition. The students who received Distinctions were:

Year 8: Cienna Beveridge, William Cooke, Georgia Hauser, Jamie Radke,

Year 9: Kieron Lindsay

Year 10: Thomas Clerte, Malachi Hallas, Isaac Kleidon,

Year 11: Tony Liu

Year 12: Christopher McDonough, Joshua Wardill

A special award goes to Kieron Lindsay in Year 9 who also received the “Best in School” award. Students will receive certificates of Credits, Proficiency and Participation in their Maths classes.

SEP Fishing Trip

Morgann Fitch reported on the Southeast Queensland Fishing Competition for students with disabilities that, every October, students from the Special Education Program attend. 

The students that attended camp this year were: Daniel Boden, Ryan Thomas, Myself (Morgan Fitch), Rhiannon Ebert, Maddison *surname withheld, Shaelah Lucht, Declan Kay, George Jerome, Isabelle Salomon, Cameron Hayes, Ryan Barlow, Tye Salmon and Kayla Dodd.

"We travelled to Bribie Island on Monday, having a swim when we arrive at our campground. Luckily, we had warm sunny weather – the rain stayed away for us! Tuesday is always our activity day – this year we had a hysterical time doing Stand-up Paddle Boarding. There were many splashes, screaming and laughing until we mastered the stand-up paddle boards.

Wednesday is the fishing competition. We are up before the sun and off to the beach by 6am to start the fishing competition. Our fishing teams were: Girls Goin’ Fishing, Bait Runners and the Bait Anglers. Schools from all around South East Queensland are also with us on the beach, eager to catch some fish.

We usually catch whiting, which is a delicious tasting fish. We had to work hard this year to catch enough fish for our lunch; otherwise, we would have just been eating chips!  Besides fish, we also caught a crab and two small stingrays. They do not count for the competition, so we had to throw them back. We caught 36 fish in total – with everyone from Harristown catching a fish. It was very exciting! Harristown won two major awards at our Awards dinner.  This year Ryan Barlow won the overall Best Helper Award.  Our ‘Girls Goin’ Fishing’ team won the award for most fish caught by an all-girls team."

USA Football Tour Presentation

Jordan Howard reported on the HSHS Football Academy recent tour to the USA. The tourists explored the west coast of the States and played four games, coming away with two wins, a draw and a defeat.  Highlights included feeling famous as they visited Temecula Valley State High school with hundreds of excited teenagers begging to hear the Australian accents. The students were Zac Erlandson, Nathan Oudman, Brandon Dixon, Jack Cottier, Richard Irwin, Nick Hansen, Tristan Farquharson, Ben McNalty, Isaac Kleidon, Caleb O’Reilly, Cameron Percy, Adrian Forknall, Alex Price and Jordan Howard.


Ms Mullins and Arts Prefects Musa and Claire, celebrated three Arts activities:


In July this year, a team of Harristown students were involved in Creative Generation State Schools Onstage in Brisbane.  This is a professional production that showcases the talents of over 1200 state school students from Prep to Year 12.  2017 was Harristown’s 12th year of involvement in the show with students participating in 10 different categories.

Thanks to Ms Mullins, Mrs Hamilton, Mrs Krause and Ms Beare for making involvement in CGen 2017 possible. Maddy Cybulski successfully auditioned for the fourth time for the Senior Dance Ensemble. Maddy was co-captain of our CGen team with Claire Russo, who was a Massed A Dancer and was part of the featured hip hop crew. Hannah Budde was also in Massed A Dance.

Our Tech Crew were all chosen to be in the Stage Crew: Kieren Auchterlonie, Jake Buckland, Shyla Cooper and Chris Mcdonough. Isaac Budde and Kira Thompson successfully auditioned to be featured Drama students.  Isaac was also part of the Media Crew. Jorjah Beutel and Matia Bayntun performed with the Massed String ensemble. Shanyn Ambrose successfully auditioned for a place in the Central Choir.

Singing in the Massed Choir were: Jaimey Bauer, Emma Beare, Bec Taylor, Danielle Taylor. The students who performed in Massed B Dance were: Jorjina-Rose Andreadis, Katherine Bonell, Danielle Brotherton, Samantha Brunner, Maddi Burns, Dayna Carter, Hannah Cauley, Ashley Churchward, Georgia Collins, Angelica Gosling, Chloe Johnson, Molly Ledger, Cody Mutch, Jayde Oliver, Alyssa Perrin, Mikaela Ribot De Bresac (extra congratulations to Mikaela who has been involved in CGen every year since year 8), Madeline Rohde, Breanna Sherratt, Naomi Stephens, Bianca Verblakt.

If you are interested in being involved in CGen in 2018, you will have to nominate this year so watch notices for details in the next few weeks.  You’ll have an amazing time.

Toowoomba Eisteddfod

In August, five Year 12 Dance students performed at the Toowoomba Eisteddfod.  Their dance, “Mad World”, was choreographed by Ms Mullins and the girls in response to all the terrible things happening in the world at the moment.  Congratulations to the dancers who placed 3rd in the Open Contemporary section for their emotional performance.   The dancers are: Hannah Budde, Maddy Cybulski, Mikaela Ribot de Bresac, Claire Russo, Sherryn Winning.

Arts Showcase

Finally, don’t forget to TREAT yourself next Tuesday night (yes… it’s Halloween) by coming to Arts Showcase at 7pm right here in the hall.  There will be lots of great performances, films and artwork to see from all year levels.  It’s not a TRICK… Entry is only $2. Hope to see you there!


Crescam 2017 is ready for pre-purchase at the P&C shop for $19. Order your copy today.