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Hawk Assembly News

colour run

Assembly Leaders: School Captains, Tess and Emery

Acknowledgement of Country: Jakiah Boyle

Principal's Address

Mr Green spoke to the following topics:

  • Thanks to the Gold Leaders for their fabulous job on the activity for the whole school last Friday
  • Congratulations to Barang, best attending house on Friday and Dherwain, best attending all week
  • Sometimes you can't see your way out of the fog and life may feel like that: it is all around you and its depressing. Yet fog is just cloud that forms at ground level and comes from water vapour in the air. It is very dense and is ready to condense into water. Thick fog that stretches 7 blocks both ways and is 30 metres high is equivalent to just one glass of water. Use mental strategies such as this glass of water metaphor to help you condense your challenges and remind yourself that fog lifts.

Mental Health Week

We welcomed Eleanor Glover as our guest speaker for Mental Health Week. Ms Glover is a clinical psychologist working with children, young people and families, currently working with the Child and Youth Mental Health Service. She spoke about mental illness and how 1 in 7 young Australians experience a mental illness in any given year. She encourages students to

  • Talk with trusted adults at home and school
  • Talk with your GP
  • Toowoomba Headspace 1 Snell St Toowoomba 46399000
  • Call Kids helpline 1800 551800
  • Call Lifeline 131114
  • Look after your friends - Ask if everything is ok
  • Listen to what they have to say – you don’t have to have answers
  • Encourage them to seek help
  • If you feel they are at risk, important to seek adult help immediately even if they tell you they don’t want you to tell anyone – their safety is important

Arts Day

Arts Captains, Claire and Musa, spoke about this year’s Arts Day, held on the last day of last term, which was bigger and better than ever.  If you weren’t here, you missed out on seeing some amazing performances.  The art work just keeps getting better and better each year.  The competition was fierce in both the junior and senior sections.  A special congratulations goes to brave Year 7s who entered as well as the many Year 12s who have been involved in every Arts Day for the last 5 years. Mr Green and Ms Mullins presented the very worthy winners of each section with their certificates. Congratulations to these students. Winners are published in the Arts Day article.

Colour Run Wrap-up

Captains, Tess and Emery, thanked everyone who participated in the initiative. Students who completed the most laps were awarded a canteen voucher. The winning Form Class, B02, won a pizza party. The Winning House was Dherwain.