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Hawk Assembly News

teacher aide day
​Thank your Teacher Aides today!

Assembly Leaders: Junior Secondary Leaders, Kimberley and Claire

Acknowledgment of Country: Abigail Budden

Principal’s address – The Scorpion Who Couldn’t Help Himself

Mr Green acknowledged the following events and rules:

  • Child protection week – reminder that this is about protection from harm including self-harm. Please use stymie to report harm.
  • The school has a ‘hands off policy’ and students need to know that hand-holding, cuddling and kissing are not acceptable
  • Student and staff safety is an issue and there is to be no running around buildings - leave it for the courts and fields.

Mr Green told the story of Turtle swimming down the river distracted by Scorpion who asked to be carried to other side. Turtle at first refused. Scorpion pleaded with the logic, “If I sting you, we both die.” Turtle agrees and, as they swim across the river, Scorpion stings Turtle. “Why?” Turtle asks in anguish, “We both die.”

“I'm sorry,” said Scorpion, “I just can’t help myself.”

Stating that you can't help yourself is a lie. Using that is just an excuse for poor behaviour choices.  When it really matters, we can help ourselves. Make an effort, not an excuse.

Youth Peace Conference

Rahila Abdul Hadi encouraged students to participate in an up-coming multi-faith youth conference. The theme of the conference is ‘What we Influence vs What Influences Us’. The aim is the encourage the youth of Toowoomba to  participate in building peace within the community. The desired result is to have youth motivated to keep the peace spark alive and to take actions every day towards building peace. The future depends on what we do in the present so do one thing each day that can improve the world and let’s not forget the future is in your hands.

Details of the conference, open to high school students:

  • When: 13th October, 10am to 3pm
  • Where: Hume Ridge Church of Christ
  • What: Listen to youth guest speakers and participate in workshop sessions. Activities, singing, food and drinks are free.
  • RSVP: The registration link has been emailed to all students. Please register before 21st September.

Chess Tournament

Mr McNicol and Chess Captain Murtaza shared two important chess announcements: the winners of the 2018 school chess tournament and information about a free mass participation event, where you will have a chance to win prize money.

Over the past four weeks, eight keen students played in the school chess tournament, with $50 worth of canteen vouchers as prizes.  Kathleen Williams won first place in the Female category.  Second place overall was Ryan Barlow, and the school champion was Murtaza Aziz Ahmad. Congratulations to these students.

Due to the enormous success of the chess simultaneous exhibition on Arts Day last year, where 20 students all tried to beat visiting chess player Mr David Stephson at once, we are looking forward to making the exhibition even bigger and better this year.  What is staying the same is the free entry.  It won’t cost you anything to participate and it will occur during second break on Arts Day, the last day of this term.  How we are making it bigger is by opening the tournament up to 38 participants, so that it will nearly be twice as big as last year.  We are able to make the tournament better this year because we have found a sponsor, so that we can now offer prize money: $10 to every winner.   Be quick to enter, as places are sure to fill fast.  Entry forms are available at the main office.  

If you would like some coaching or get some practice, chess club in E12 is open during both breaks every Tuesday to help you sharpen your skills. 

Think about what you will spend the $10 on if you win.  See you there!