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Hawk Assembly News

Cgen participants
National Anthem: The Ensemble

Acknowledgment of Country: Jakiah Boyle

Principal’s Address – You’ve got to do better than that!

Mr Green expressed thanks to Ms Monagle and Mr Floyd for their work in his absence. He related three stories with a common theme:

  • Participating in the Gold Coast marathon and setting a goal to run the race in a certain time. Despite his efforts, he finished just short of his goal. The thought: ‘You’ve got to do better than that?’ How?
  • Participating in ukulele lessons and, after performing a discordant note, hearing the comment: ‘You’ve got to do better than that?’ How?
  • After his birthday, he attempted to make Anzacc biscuits. Again he heard the comment: ‘You’ve got to do better than that?’ How?

Mr Green encouraged students: Look at your report for each subject: How can I do better? You’ve got to do better than that!

JB HI Fi voucher was given to Year 11 student, Shai, who has met the school standards with 95.13% attendance. Well done!

Darling Downs Representatives

Congratulations to the following students who were selected in Darling Downs teams to compete at the State Championships held throughout the year.

Clancy Leadbetter
Jimmy Potter
Deng Bol
Cross Country
Elijah Kininga
Abby White
Mustafa Banza
Ryan Cartwright
Mohamed Elamir
Godwin Enadio
Bridget Fraser
Rudolph Gabuogi
Richard Hayden
Josue Kalenga
Savannah Moon
Zara Moon
Cameron Percy
Hunter Purcell
Jahrem Richardson
Maddison Teakle
Jack Oster
Kynan Haddock
Kiara Grice
Kiara Woodbridge
Sean Lindsay-Holley
Riccardo Burns
Rhys Carr
Chloe Gray
Kylie Janes

Zachery Erlandson
Hayley Castles
Ashlea Gray
Bradley Groves
Yvette Aliakbari
Maddi Burns
Jayden Castles
Russell Chambers
Samuel Dickenson
Britney Fiechtner
Tayler Gillies
Zoe Glasby
Angelica Gosling
Aaliyah Gupio
Jordon Horsey
Tom Innes
Kaleshia Janes
Kylie Janes
Jorja Langdon
Clancy Leadbetter
Lucy Leadbetter
Kaitlyn Lindenmayer
Holly Luxford
Harry Naumann
Jack Oster
Elyse Reeves
Alexander Rohde
Gabrielle Rowe
Adeng Santino
Caleb Stuart
Sophie Thornton (withdrew Injury)
Chloe Walmsley

Creative Generation (CGen)

In the second week of the July school holidays, a team of 38 talented Harristown students participated in Creative Generation State Schools Onstage in Brisbane. Creative Generation, or CGen, is a professional production that showcases the talents of over 1200 state school students from Prep to Year 12. 2018 was Harristown’s 13th year of involvement in the show with students participating in nine different categories and even the teachers having official behind the scenes jobs. Thanks to Ms Mullins, Mrs Hamilton, Mrs Krause and Mrs Beare for making our involvement in CGen 2018 possible.

The 2018 CGen captains were Jorjina Andreadis and Breanna Sherratt. Jorjina successfully auditioned for Massed A Dance. Jorjina was co-captain of our CGen team with Breanna, who was a Massed B Dancer for the fourth year in a row.

Other dancers who successfully auditioned for featured roles were: Dayna Carter and Cody Mutch for Senior Dance Ensemble, Bianca Verbalkt for Massed A Dance, and Morgan Mcaleer who was our first Middle Ensemble dancer and was also was selected for hip hop.

Two of Tech Crew were part of the Stage Crew: Shyla Cooper,Tom Clerté

Isaac Budde, Kira Thompson and Jade Williams successfully auditioned for a role in the nine person clowning ensemble. This is the second year in a row that Isaac and Kira have been featured Drama students.

Singing in the Massed Choir were: Jaimey Bauer, Emma Beare, Sophie Berghofer, Fatima Clifford-Pugh Matia Bayntun, Emma Beare and Jorjah Beutel performed with the Massed String ensemble.

The students who performed in Massed B Dance were: Lily-Joy Baker, Katherine Bonell, Danielle Brotherton, Samantha Brunner, Emily Burchardt,Maddi Burns, Hayley Castles, Hannah Cauley, Georgia Collins, Monique Deem, Olivia Gainsford, Angelica Gosling, Yasmyn Hall, Lucy Leadbetter, Dea Lucero, Tahnee Madden, Jayde Oliver, Alyssa Perrin, Gian Recilla, Madeline Rohde, Naomi Stephens.

Congratulations to all of the students involved in Creative Generation 2018.

If you are interested in being involved in CGen in 2019, you will have to nominate in November this year so watch notices for details next term. You’ll have an amazing time.

Legal Studies Wedding Proposal

The Legal Studies class, on behalf of Rudolph, Nikki, Nikita and Milly, would like to invite you all to the 2018 Legal Studies Mock Weddings, to be held on the 24th October, in the Courtyard.

For the first time, in response to important changes in Australian legislation, there will be two weddings celebrated at Harristown State High School: a traditional one and a same-sex one. We look forward to seeing you all there.​