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Hawk Assembly News

​Library displays for bookweek featured artwork by Year 12 student Chloe Chapman, 'Read all you want', Clay and Paint sculpture 2017

Assembly Leaders: Year-level Prefects, Denzel and Chloe

Acknowledgment of Country: Jakiah Boyle

Principal’s address – Popstars and Privileges

Mr Green spoke to the following topics:
  • Welcome to students and teacher from Seijo High School
  • Reading: Thanks to the Librarians for the pre-Assembly PowerPoint to recognise book week and love of reading. Reading is a focus of our school. We are a school who loves to read.  Even after driving home from school camp earlier this week, Mr Green still read some of his current novel ‘1984’ before going to bed. ‘1984’ describes a world that is terrifying. Where every home has in every room a telescreen where Big Brother, the government of the time, is watching your every move. If you are guilty of a ‘thought crime’, where you think against the establishment you are taken away. It is a great book, available in Hawks Library.
  • Popstars: Last weekend, 87 current students, 5 past students and 13 staff entertained many of us with the production of 'Popstars'. Mr Green went to all three perfomances. Why go three times? It is a fabulous production and, because it is live, no production is the same and the cast varies. All performances were entertaining – Hawks ignite passion in the audience to be involved, to be engaged, to be entertained, to laugh and to enjoy. He loved most the students’ smiles while on stage. Students from every year level were involved; some from Junior Secondary in lead roles: 6 Year 7; 11 Year 8; 18 Year 9; 13 Year 10; 19 Year 11; and 20 Year 12 students. Mr Green commends these students for their work.
  • Privileges: Sadly, Mr Green has excluded students this year because of their behaviour. They have lost the privilege of coming to this school. Each meeting with the student and their parent/carer he notes the student’s remorse when told they can no longer come to this school. We do not value things until we no longer have them. You have a great school with great opportunities; do not throw it away. Make behaviour choices that allow you to retain the privilege to be at our school.

Farewell to Visitors

Cultural captain, Magdalene, officially welcomed the students and teacher of the AIIU Study tour group from Seijo High School. They have been participating in English language and Aboriginal culture lessons as well as getting to know other students. Taro, Kazuma, and Meitatsu, on behalf of the 43 visiting students, explained aspects of their school with pictures of their school on the screen. Thank you for being honorary Hawks, and we wish the students all the best for their future studies.

Arts Day

Musa and Claire promoted Arts Day, the last day of term 3. You can enter by yourself, with a partner or as part of a group. There are many sections including dance, drama, visual arts and film. Entry forms, which contain details of all the sections, are available from outside the G block staffroom. Make sure you read the rules before handing in your entry.

Book Week

Books can take you to lands both near and far, and Hawks celebrated the 2017 Children’s Book Week theme – ‘Escape to Everywhere’.  Readers joined our Junior Secondary Leaders and sent their favourite Reading Escapes floating towards the skies at second break today in the Library.

HSHS Debating Society

The chairperson’s bell rings a final time to conclude the 2017 Debating season at Harristown State High. The final debate of the year was on Thursday 24th August in the Lecture Theatre. A sincere vote of thanks to all the teachers and staff who have helped make debating at our school a success this year. To the parents, friends, and alumni of the Society who baked, supported, and cheered the debates unconditionally - thank you. Our record number of attendees at a debate this year was 76 with an average between 40 and 50. We will be back next year with more toothy topics, and gripping debates.