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Hawk Assembly News

ash taylor

National Anthem: Ensemble

Acknowledgment of Country: Jakiah Boyle

Assembly Leaders: Vice Captains, Maddi and Russell

Principal’s address – Time and Place

Ms Monagle welcomed students and visitors with the Acosta Study tour then began an address on the saying ‘there is a time and place for …’, covering the following points:

  • Examples of appropriate actions for time and place e.g.  in a movie cinema it was expected that you turned your phone to silence, sat in your seat, and maybe shared popcorn; at a skate park, you would have taken your board and helmet, practicing tricks and stunts or watching on while others did the same.  Having a go or being a respectful spectator would have been appropriate for the time and place.
  • As young people you are learning each day what is appropriate in different places and situations.  As a school we have a responsibility to help you develop as a young person and we accept the challenge of teaching you what is appropriate and suitable in our common place: School.
  • For our teachers, while in this time and place, being school and the classroom, they have a responsibility to be prepared and ready to teach you, treat you with respect and help you develop as young people. For each of the students, while in this time and place, being school and the classroom, you have a responsibility to be prepared and on time class, ready to engage and learn, and interact appropriately with each other.
  • Here at school the use of inappropriate, rude, crude and disgusting language does not have a place.  School is NOT the time and place for any of us to use inappropriate language. 
  • When interacting with other students, our friends and adults in our school inappropriate language is not to be used.  Such language does not add meaning to conversation, does not help explain concepts and therefore it is not necessary.
  • Each and every day you are expected to follow reasonable requests made of you by adults.  This might be a reasonable request for you to give your name, a request to move in a particular direction, a request to stop doing something, a request to fix your socks…..  Regardless of the request it is expected that you will do as you are asked.  
  • We all play a role in making our time at our great school a positive experience. I am asking that we all step up and play our part in these 2 areas – using of appropriate language and following reasonable requests. 

I look forward to hearing from teachers and students that our work in these two areas has a positive impact on our school.

Special Guest - Ash Taylor

Mr Brackstone introduced and interviewed former Hawk and current Gold Coast Titan Ash Taylor. Ash Taylor spoke of his life as a professional sports person and the challenges he faced growing up. He spoke of his appreciation of his coaches and teachers and how their emphasis on ‘doing the right thing’ influences his performance today both on and off the field. Today he

He spoke of his challenges especially in grade 9, wanting to give footy away, and the value of coming to school with 100% attendance: “even though I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t be where I am today without that”. School expectations on attendance rate and Bs or better for effort have carried through to his footy.

  • On attendance: You have to go to training or you won’t get paid; if told to be somewhere we have to be there.
  • On behaviour/conduct: be good 100% of the time.
  • On effort: the way you train is the way you’re going to play – put in 100% effort.

It was a privilege to have Ash Taylor visit. Thank you.

Athletics carnival

Sports prefects, Isaac and Isabella encouraged students to participate in the novelty event during Athletics. This year will be an egg and spoon race. The house that scores the most number of participants down the 15 meter lanes will be presented with the Ribot/Howard trophy. Assembly enjoyed a video from the MAJR Crew. 

Drama Production

Drama Production captains Kira and Marina presented a review of the Arts Department production, “Children of the Black Skirt” and acknowledged the work of the two casts for the shows as well as a backstage, tech and media crew who did an amazing job of everything behind the scenes.  Rehearsals began for the production in February with a number of Sunday rehearsals to help prepare for the first performance on Thursday, 24th May. There were four public performances of the play.  We also performed several scenes as part of the inaugural Arts Community Showcase which gave students from a number of our primary feeder schools and guests from retirement homes a sneak preview of our great production. 
Directors Mr Reuther and Mrs Krause.
Producer Ms Mullins.
Costumes Ms Livingstone
Dramaturg Miss Sankey 
Backstage Manager Mr Clarry
Sound design and Photography Mr Kao
2018 Drama Production captains
Marina Teske-Finlay and Kira Thompson
Backstage Crew
Brittney Cawkwell
Ashley Churchward
Shakira Madden
The tech crew were:
Thomas Clerté
Jake Buckland
Media Crew
Keisha Williams
Cast members
Jorjina-Rose Andreadis
Barnes, Nikita
Matia Bayntun
Johanna Beard
Jorjah Beutel
Emilee Bradford
Danielle Brotherton
Isaac Budde
Milrus Caguimbal
Rori Chapman
Xander Clifford-Pugh
Shyla Cooper ​
Cast members (cont.)
Kyle Davis
Hayley Denman
Kallen Drury
Reese Drury
Tahneshia Dunstall
Georgia Escober
Jacinta Gilson
Isabelle Habgood
Georgia Hauser
Amy Jensen
Chloe Johnson
Taylor Johnstone
Elsie Kavuala
Millie Macdonald
Quinn Macdonald
Corey Maddern
Morgan McAleer
Caleb McCallum
Ryan McColl
Cody Mutch
Tatum Paterson-King
Lili Peachey
Moses Quoibia
Nina Sorley
Mackenzie Stuart
Emma Town
Jazmynn Tozer
Jade Williams
Bonnie Wilson​