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Hawk Assembly News

National Anthem: The Ensemble

Acknowledgment of Country: Stephen

Assembly Leaders: Year-level Prefects, Saxon and Caspian

Principal’s address

Ms Monagle welcomed students to week 7 and spoke about the events to happen before the end of term. Harry the Hawk was welcomed to the stage. Harry has been busy on visits to primary schools talking to future Harristown students, walking at Relay for Life and greeting visitors during Open Afternoon.

Harry shared key messages:

  • Attendance is extremely important. Harry’s attendance is 98%, a very good effort and exceeding the target of 95%. Every day here counts. Harry’s challenge: step up and meet the attendance target.
  • Effort and Behaviour – target for each of us to achieve a Very Good or Excellent rating. End of semester results will shortly be rated by teachers so students should work on participating, coming to class prepared and making good choices in class to achieve the school targets.

Achievement ratings will improve if we work on being here every day, trying your best and being and doing as you are asked. Ms Monagle reminded students that headphones are not part of the school uniform. Place them in your bag or in your pocket.

Senior Ball – Harry’s Diner

Assembly enjoyed a film clip from the film Hair Spray and performance by Will and Jess.

[Will and Jess walk out toward the end of the song.  Jess looks noticeably upset]

Jess:  Will, you had one simple job.  Find a clip from a film set in the 1950s and this is the best you could do.  Why didn’t you use a scene from Grease?

Will: No need to agitate the gravel Jess.  Trust me. 

Jess:  Will, Hairspray is set in 1962.  It even has a song in it called ‘Welcome to the 60’s’.  I think you have missed the point.

Will: Woah Jess, quit lighting up at the tilt sign.  Let’s put this on the front burner and fire up till we bash this one out.  You down....

Jess:  I’m down…  But only if you stop using 1950s slang.

Will:  As long as you get with it [Jess turns to leave]... Sorry.   Please stay.  You see Jess, every we just saw from the 60’s was because of what happened in the 1950’s.  The decade of the American Teenager.

Jess:  Will, I’m pretty sure that dancing and popular music and teenage rebellion were nothing new.

Will:  You’re right but the 1950’s teenagers got something that teenagers had never experienced before...... pocket money... Long Green.

Jess:  You’re doing it again.

Will:  After the difficult war time period, the 1950s saw a massive change in the world.  Suddenly teenagers had money for things like Coca-Cola, corvettes and records.  And for the first time companies started to make products marketed directly to teens.

Jess:  So the great rock and roll icons like Chuck Berry, Elvis and the Sapphires were all trying to cash in on a teenage market.

Will:  Yeah Baby.  So girls were sold full brightly coloured shirts, pinched waist blouses, Capri pants, ankle scarves and cropped cardigans.

Jess:  And the boys wore leather jackets, Blue jeans, zoot suits, slim ties and drain pipe pants

Will:  -with winklepickers.

Jess: …and so the fifties diner and milk bar became a place where teenagers could hang out, listed to some crazy tunes and spend their newly found fortune on milkshakes, burgers and fries.

Will:  You got it.  If only there was something like that around here.

Jess:  There will be.  This year’s Senior Ball celebrates the fifties diner.  For $15 you can join the jive here at Harry’s Diner and Rock around the clock on Friday 17 June from 6.30 pm ‘til 10.30 pm.

Will: Now you’re talking.  I’m thinking Happy Days, Greasers, Socs, James Dean, Cheerleaders, letter jackets, leather jackets and all things fifties.

Jess:  I’m in.   Sounds like a big tickle.

Will:  Now you’re talking my language.  Just remember that the Senior Ball, is all about reusing, recycling, op-shopping and raiding Granny’s cupboard.

Volleyball Queensland Schools’ Cup

Volleyball Captains, Saxon, Najwa and Scott shared results from recent Volleyball competitions. The Volleyball Queensland Intermediate Schools Cup State Championships were contested over the weekend with Harristown entering 8 teams. A collection of impressive results were recorded with some marathon matches played; none more enduring than the Under 16 Girls Honours team who went down in 5 gruelling sets against our arch-rivals Craigslea SHS to be denied the Bronze medal. The highlight of the weekend goes to the Year 10 Boys who went through the tournament undefeated to win the U16 Honours Division and become State Champions. The team, coached by Mr Krisanski, were presented with their medals:

  • Gai Gai - Captain
  • Jack Innes – who was award the MVP for the tournament
  • Jake Jarick
  • Zach Manly
  • Bevan Fry
  • Russell Chambers
  • Harry Saint
  • Trent Knight, and
  • Riley Knox

Congratulations to these boys. A series of other great finishes meant that Harristown beat out 72 other schools to claim the Overall Champion School trophy which Saxon presented to Ms Monagle. Thanks to all staff, students and families involved in the weekend.

A further congratulations to the following students who selected as Qld representatives at the recent Queensland School Sport State Championships held in Brisbane and Bundaberg for the 15 and 19 years boys and girls respectively. In the 15 years, Sophie Thornton, Lucy Leadbetter and Gai Gai were selected to Qld teams with Jake Jarick and Jack Innes picked as shadows. In the Opens, Scott Schultz was selected and Ethan Farquharson was selected as a shadow. A big effort and well done to these athletes.

If you are in Year 7 and are keen for future involvement in the Volleyball Academy, Year 7 training sessions will begin next week from 8-8:40 on Monday and Wednesday mornings in the Blue Gym.