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Hawk Assembly News


National Anthem: Performance Ensemble

Assembly Leaders: Sports Prefects, Isaac and Isabella

Acknowledgment of Country: Caxton Hold

Principal’s address

Mr Green spoke to the topic: the value of Integrity.

He related the rules of the game of Golf and his experiences with the game. If you’ve never played the game, he encourages you to have a go. It is a ‘leveler’ – where everyone starts from the same place.

Mr Green then told the story of an incident from a US Open in 1925 where golfer, Bobby Jones broke a rule and wasn’t picked up on it. He was about to win the US Open by 1 point but declared his actions and, in that moment of integrity, came second.

There is only one way to live your life – choosing honesty whether someone is looking or not. Integrity has been a conscious choice for one of our school values.

Remember to think: ‘My Integrity matters more than any impulse I may feel at the moment.’

Integrity affects ourselves and affects others. Proud Hawks have integrity.

Drama Production

Kira and Marina spoke about the production “Children of the Black Skirt”, encouraging students to attend.

Queensland Academy of Sport Volleyball Program

Mr Martin spoke about the QAS program based at Harristown. The opportunity exists for Year 7, 8 and 9 students to get involved. QAS coaches are interested in seeing Junior Secondary students regardless of whether you have experienced or played the game. It is a once a week commitment.

Information can be collected from Mr Martin.