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Hawk Assembly News

bronze cultural leaders
National Anthem: The Ensemble
Assembly Leaders:  Chloe and Denzel
Acknowledgment of Country: Tallis Martin

Principal’s address

Mr Green spoke to the following topics:
  • Thanks to Ms Monagle and Harry for presenting on Assembly in Mr Green's absence last week.
  • Mr Green reported that he showed a video clip of our school to 1239 Principals at a bi-annual conference he attended last week that showed his pride in our school values and how they are real and embedded in our school.
  • It is exciting to see the variety of Learning that is occurring, especially in the five classes Mr Green visited including an English Communication class studying "Omega Park", an 11 English class studying persuasive speeches, a 9 Mathematics class learning about scientific notation, an ICT using rubrics to evaluate products and a construction class learning the skills to construct benches.
  • Congratulations on attendance. The school target is 95% and the school is hitting above 90% regularly. Balkuin still won last week but Barang hotly pursued them. Barang needed only 4 more students to attend to beat Balkuin. Bonda needed 11 more students to attend and Dherwain needed 12 students. It is a close contest. Keep improving attendance.
  • Today's Bronze investiture is all about leadership. The badges students receive today identify them as leaders. When you put on a badge, you are a leader. While often, sadly, people look to blame, criticise or put down those who stand up for leadership so leaders need to be prepared for that. Mr Green read the story of the Donkey in the Well. It is about how at times it may seem that life is going to shovel all kinds of dirt on you. The challenge is to shake it off and step up. We can get out of the deepest wells in our life by never giving up and taking a step up.

Bronze Leaders Induction

School Captain, Tess Barry introduced the Induction of the 2017 Bronze leaders of Harristown State High School.  As with all leadership positions at Harristown, students must uphold the school’s code of behaviour at all times and reflect its ethos of Engage, Achieve and Excel.  A Bronze leader takes responsibility for a particular activity within the school.  These include debating, chaplaincy, Interact as well as the various sports and arts activities.  As Bronze leaders they must demonstrate the school’s values of Participation, Relationships, Integrity, Diligence and Enthusiasm.  They must be a role model and liaison for their team members and they must assist with the organisation and smooth running of the activity.  They need to create and maintain team spirit and promote the activity within the local and wider school community.

Mr Green presented badges as follows:
  • Bard Stars - Kirra Thompson
    As a Harristown State High School Bronze Leader for twenty seventeen, I pledge to be a good role model and representative for my chosen activity.   I will liaise between my team members and staff, and assist them wherever possible.  I will conduct myself ethically, as I strive to create and maintain team spirit.  I will positively promote my chosen activity, both here at Harristown, and in the wider community.  Through my words and actions, I will uphold the ethos and values of Harristown State High School.
  • Chaplaincy - Chloe Chapman and Kimberley Craig
  • Chess - Kara Brown and Ben Frost
  • Cultural  - Magdalena Mauwa and Elijah Kininga
  • Debating Society - Nicholas Hersbach and Mackenzie Stuart
  • Hawk-I - Kimba Kibombo
  • Indigenous - Maddison Pashley and Tallis Martin 
  • Interact - Brooke Hart, Regan Hohn, Amber Moon, and Claire Russo
  • Performance Ensemble - Jasmine Weaver
  • Photography - Victoria Ready and Mirra Edwards-Brown
  • Stage Band - Carlie Smith
  • String Ensemble - Jorjah Beutel
  • Symphonic Wind Ensemble - Abigail Haydon
  • Technical Crew - Kieren Auchterlonie and Christopher McDonough
  • Vocal Ensemble - Abigail Haydon, Shanyn Ambrose
  • Athletics  - Mikaela Ribot De Bresac, Caleb O'Reilly
  • Australian Rules -  Magdalena Mauwa
  • Basketball - Florence Scopas, Nicolas Hansen, Brodie Lawton
  • Boys' Football -  Jordan Howard, Kimba Kibombo
  • Cross Country - Mikaela Ribot De Bresac, Kimba Kibombo
  • Girls' Football  - Cassidy Forster, Hayley Gray, Amy Wright
  • Girls' Rugby League - Hayley Gray
  • Hockey - Chloe Koch, Adam Ryan
  • Netball   - Charlotte Dorge
  • Rugby Union - Hayley Gray
  • Softball - Brooke Hart, Brodie Lawton
  • Swimming  - Selina Whittaker, Jayden Cauley
  • Touch - Hayley Gray, Liam Sherden
  • Volleyball - Courtney Gilson, Clarissa Janes, Daniel Apsey, Richard Irwin

Student Representative Council (SRC)

Student Representative Council members were introduced and received their badges.  This committee consists of the Year 12 Gold Leaders and Year 9 Junior Secondary Leaders as well as four student elected nominees from Years 7, 8, 10 and 11.  The SRC is coordinated by Mrs Clarry.  During the year, the SRC organise and run events such as the Junior and Senior balls to help fundraise for what the students believe to be priority areas around the school and in the community.  The committee also provides a link between staff and students, with your representatives using this forum to present your ideas and address your issues.

Our 2017 Executive team are:
  • Co-President: Kurtis Griffey
  • Co-President: Chloe Koch
  • Secretary: Perri Adkins
  • Treasurer: Denzel Kaliyev
Your Year 7 SRC representatives are:
  • Isiah Tagituimua
  • Ali Salim
  • Molly Paech
  • Jordan Jarick
The Year 8 SRC representatives are:
  • Jordan Boland
  • Karar Al-Rubaay
  • Kimberley Astbury
  • Aimee Sherrie
The Year 9 representatives are:
  • Milrus Caguimbal
  • Elise Cuskelly
  • Shaeleigh Bee
  • Jessica Paech
  • Mason Hughes
  • Zachery Tozer
  • Jim-Martin Rodriguez
  • Isaac Budde
The Year 10 SRC members are:
  • Jacinta Gilson
  • Rahila Abdul Hadi
  • Mackenzie Docherty
  • Declan Quinlan
  • The Year 11 representatives are
  • Zander Clifford-Pugh
  • Blake Hammond
  • Britney Cawkwell
  • Jasmine Weaver
And the Year 12 SRC members are our Gold Leader team:
  • Tess Barry
  • Emery Kavuala
  • Madeline Cybulski
  • Caleb O’Reilly
  • Claire Russo
  • Musa Rezaie
  • Mikaela Ribot de Bresac
  • Jordan Howard
These are the members of your 2017 Student Representative Council. 


‘Out of Bounds’ signs have been refreshed. the intent is to allow people to move around the school. The signs are to act like clearway signs and students are asked to not stop in these places and block the walkways. Keep them clear at all times.