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Hawk Assembly News

bronze leaders
National Anthem: Performance Ensemble
Assembly Leaders: Year Level prefects, Brie and Ben
Acknowledgment of Country:  Abigail Budden

Principal’s address - Leadership

Mr Green spoke to the following topics:
  • He described an insect that is clever in a nasty way: it survives by making a conical hole in sand, sitting in wait at the bottom then dragging its prey down to its level to feed on it. A small minority is acting to make themselves feel better by pulling others down and encouraging others to fight or bully. While some of our behaviour data is improving, Mr Green is still meeting with students who are not upholding our school values.
  • Leadership: Leaders pull people up and take a pledge to hold the school values and encourage others to do the same. On behalf of our whole school, we congratulate and applaud our Bronze leaders.
  • Interhouse Attendance trophy: Dherwain are still leading but the gap is closing.
    • 13 points - Barang
    • 14 points - Balkuin
    • 19 points - Bonda
    • 21 points - Dherwain

Bronze Leadership

School Captain Adeng introduced the Induction of the Bronze Leaders:  "Today we would like to recognize the 2018 Bronze leaders of Harristown State High School.  As with all leadership positions at Harristown, students must uphold the school’s code of behaviour at all times and reflect its ethos of Engage, Achieve and Excel.  A Bronze leader takes responsibility for a particular activity within the school.  These include debating, chaplaincy, Interact as well as the various sports and arts activities.  As Bronze leaders, students must demonstrate the school’s value PRIDE - Participation, Relationships, Integrity, Diligence and Enthusiasm. They must be a role model for their team members and liaise with teachers to assist with the organisation and smooth running of the activity.  They need to create and maintain team spirit and promote the activity within the local and wider school community."
School Captain, Jye Bonell introduced the Cultural Bronze Leaders. Arts Prefects, Jasmine and Ryan introduced the Arts Bronze Leaders and Sports Prefects Isaac and Isabella introduced the Sports Bronze Leaders. Next term we look forward to announcing the captains of Creative Generation.

Cultural Activities Leaders

  • Chaplaincy Captain 2018: Shyla Cooper, Jorjah Beutel
  • Debating Society President 2018: Nicholas Hersbach
  • Debating Society Vice President 2018: Angelica Gosling
  • Cultural  Captain 2018: Abdu Mohamed, Alyssa Badinas
  • Indigenous Leadership Team Leader 2018: Kiarah Woodbridge, Jessica Milward, Jasmine Gray, Raylene Smith, Richard Hayden
  • Photography Captain 2018: Mirra Edwards-Brown
  • Photography Vice Captain 2018: Brooke Warner
  • Bard Stars Captain 2018: Kirra Thompson
  • Hawk-I Library Captain 2018: Alyssa Badinas
  • Chess Captain 2018: Sarah Randall, Murtaza Aziz Ahmad
  • Optiminds Captain 2018: Laura Barrett , Amy Jensen
  • Interact President 2018: Britney Cawkwell
  • Interact Vice President 2018: Russell Chambers
  • Interact Secretary 2018: Lucy Leadbetter
  • Interact Treasurer 2018: Laura Barrett

Arts Bronze Leaders

  • Symphonic Wind Ensemble Captain 2018: Kirra Thompson, Xander Clifford-Pugh
  • Stage Band Captain 2018: Jasmine Weaver
  • String Ensemble Captain 2018: Jorjah Beutel
  • Performance Ensemble Captain 2018: Ryan McColl
  • Technical Crew Captain 2018: Shyla Cooper, Jake Buckland
  • The Harristones Captain 2018: Kirra Thompson, Hayley Denman
  • Drama Production Captain 2018: Kira Thompson, Marina Teske-Finlay

Sports Bronze Leaders 

  • Athletics Captain 2018: Abby White, Kyle Boyd-Lowick
  • Australian Rules Captain 2018: Brie Smith, Adeng Santino                           
  • Girls' Basketball  Captain 2018: Chloe Turner
  • Boys' Basketball  Captain 2018: Deng Bol
  • Cross Country Captain 2018: Chloe Walther, Abby White
  • Girls' Football Captain 2018: Shannon Facer, Jasmine Green
  • Boys' Football Captain 2018: Zac Erlandson, Mustafa Banza
  • Hockey  Captain 2018: Shae Thies
  • Netball Captain 2018: Brie Smith                               
  • Boys' Rugby League Captain 2018: Noah Anderton
  • Girls' Rugby League Captain 2018: Jasmine Gray
  • Girls' Softball  Captain 2018: Hayley Walmsely
  • Boys' Softball  Captain 2018: Zac Erlandson
  • Swimming Captain 2018: Lucy Leadbetter
  • Girls' Touch  Captain 2018: Ashlyn Kuhn
  • Boys' Touch Captain 2018: Brad Groves
  • Girls' Volleyball Captain 2018: Lucy Leadbetter
  • Girls' Volleyball  Captain 2018: Sophie Thonrton
  • Boys' Volleyball Captain 2018: Bevan Fry
  • Boys' Volleyball  Captain 2018: Riley Knox

Student Representative Council

Vice-Captains, Maddi and Russell introduced our Student Representative Council members. This committee consists of the Year 12 Gold Leaders and Year 9 Junior Secondary Leaders as well as four student elected nominees from Years 7, 8, 10 and 11.  Mrs Clarry coordinates the SRC. 
During the year, the SRC organise and run events such as the Junior and Senior balls to help fundraise for what the students believe to be priority areas around the school and in the community.  The committee also provides a link between staff and students, with your representatives using this forum to present your ideas and address your issues.
In twenty eighteen, the SRC will continue the management structure of previous years.  The Year Level Prefects will take on the key leadership roles of co-presidents, secretary and treasurer. 
  • Year 7 Representatives: Jake Delmodes, Lara Smith, Jordan Schick, Agnes Mwamini
  • Year 8 Representatives: Rachael Burns, Ellara Duck, Isaiah Tagituimua, Harry Naumann
  • Year 9 Representatives: Caleb Thompson, Baden Adkins, Erin Symes, Zoe Thomson, Kimberly Astbury, Issra Maryol, Abeni Davidson, Claire Gainsford
  • Year 10 Representatives: Milrus Caguimbal, Jessica Paech, Isaac Budde, Fletcher Marshall
  • Year 11 Representatives: Laura Barrett, Ashley Churchward, John Bwira, Retaj Maryol
  • Year 12 Representatives: Adeng Santino, Jye Bonell, Russell Chambers, Maddi Burns, Jasmine Weaver, Ryan McColl, Isabella Halaufia , Isaac Kleidon
  • Student Council 2018 Secretary: Kyle Christian
  • Student Council 2018 Treasurer: Ben McNalty
  • Student Council 2018 Co-President: Tiana Wegener
  • Student Council 2018 Co-President: Brianna Smith
Congratulations to all our leaders.