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Hawk Assembly News


​National Anthem: The Ensemble

Assembly Leaders: Sports Prefects, Mikaela and Jordan

Acknowledgement of Country: Richard Haydon

Principal's address

Mr Green

  • encouraged students to the high standards of being respectful and restful in the Assembly; cautioned against being 'restless' in the Assembly
  • extended congratulations to Balkuin as the best attending House for both last the two weeks and last two Fridays. Bonda earned a special point for being the best improved House. Current attendance points: Balkuin = 13 ; Barang = 6; Dherwain = 7; Bonda = 9.
  • questioned students to consider the electric plug used in appliances and devices. Over time the devices may have changed but the plug works well and hasn't been changed. What are the things that are stable that work well in our school?
    • Vision - Engage, Achieve, Excel - since 2013
    • Values - PRIDE - since 2010
    • DOL hand in every classroom - a visual that represents effective learning strategies in our school
    • Habits of Mind - displayed in every classroom to help us

Students were asked to embrace these and achieve great things.

Swimming Carnival

With scorching temperatures shining down on the cool Milne Bay pool waters, what better way to start the school sporting year, with the Interhouse Swimming carnival? Energy levels and house spirit were evident throughout the day, with war cries and chants constantly piercing the blue skies. Our best swimmers and winning houses from the carnival were acknowledged on Assembly. Results have been published previously in News.