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Hawk Assembly News

​Mr Green with his Assembly props: the jar and torch for the bees.
National Anthem: The Ensemble
Assembly Leaders: Vice-Captains, Caleb and Maddi
Acknowledgement of Country: Abigail Budden

Principal's Address: 'Smart' Bees in the Jar

Mr Green displayed the Interhouse Attendance Trophy. Tess Barry announced it has been won 5 out of the last 6 times by Balkuin. Mr Green challenged students to beat Balkuin and improve attendance.
Mr Green related an anecdote about bees who could not escape a jar as they are conditioned to fly towards the light shining on the bottom of the jar, even though the lid was removed.  The bees were preprogrammed and this enabled them not to learn how to get out of the jar. He asked students to think about attitudes and perceptions, your 'preprogramming', that affects learning negatively. If you can't change the way you are thinking, you won't succeed.
What is it that is stopping me from learning?
Mr Green encouraged students to put the negative attitudes and perceptions aside so you can engage your learning.

International students in 2017

Ms Parker welcomed 3 students from Japan who join us this year at Harristown.
  • Kako Shiraiwa in Year 11 from Shinjuku, Tokyo
  • Atsuya (Andy) Iida in Year 10 from Uji City, Kyoto
  • Kai Kikuta (Armstrong) in Year 10 from Setagaya, Tokyo


Ms Parker acknowledged our Ambassadors: For assisting with year 7 group interviews, Giving up your own time after school hours, Modelling the school uniform and personal presentation, Being reliable and on time, Welcoming and directing families new to the school, Working as a team member with other year 12’s, Developing ‘get to know you’ activities, Leading young people unfamiliar with each other through these activities, Providing support to families to complete enrolment paperwork, Generally being a model of a Harristown Hawk.
  • Shanyn Ambrose
  • Hannah Budde
  • Chloe Burke
  • Magdalena Bwira Bukiza
  • Kim Craig
  • Maddy Cybulski
  • Nick Hansen
  • Richard Irwin
  • Denzel Kaliyev
  • Lochlan Kaliyev
  • Emery Kavuala
  • Kimba Kibombo
  • Jacinta Langston
  • Karter Manthey
  • Esther Ndagano
  • Chloe Newman
  • Mikaela Ribot de Bresac
  • Claire Russo
  • Amissa Sawuda
  • Michael Whant
  • Selina Whittaker

Student Representative Council (SRC)

The 2017 Year Level Prefects, Denzel, Chloe, Kurtis and Perri, spoke about the Student Representative Council (SRC) which they lead. Consider being a member of the SRC and speak to your Year Level Coordinator about having a go at becoming a member of the SRC, by election from your year level. You can:
  • grasp the opportunity to represent your fellow students
  • be a key source of communication for your year level,
  • develop leadership and decision-making skills
  • promote your year levels' views in school decision-making.


Nathan Baunach, the Dirctor of the Harristown Clontarf Academy, introduced the Clontarf team: Matt Duggan, Daniel Blades and Jason Fenwick. Clontarf's role is to improve the education, discipline, self-esteem, life skills adn employment prospects of young Aboriginal men and, by doing so, better equip them to participate more meaningfully in society. To join Clontarf, you need to be an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander boy and be enrolled here are Harrristown State High School. Assembly enjoyed a film of Clontarf's activities in 2016.