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Hawk Assembly News


National Anthem: The Ensemble

Acknowledgement of Country: Jasmine Gray

Assembly Leaders: Captains, Tess and Emery


Mr Forknall, Deputy Principal for Balkuin House, welcomed students and staff to the first full school assembly for 2017, with Balkuin house in the Lecture Theatre participating via video link. He spoke about the guidelines and expectations to help make Assembly run smoothly. Students please:

  • leave your school bag at your Form room at the end of First Break and move quickly to your house area;
  • when a staff member approaches the microphone, that is the signal for attention; 
  • actively listen to presentations whether from staff, students or visitors
  • applaud when appropriate, but Assembly is a formal occasion so it is not appropriate to call out, whistle or cheer;
  • be diligent and take up the challenge to learn the words to the National Anthem and school song;
  • at the conclusion of Assembly, follow directions to pack up chairs and then move to period 6 activity.

Principal's Address

"The past does not equal the future."

Mr Green spoke about the quote displayed on the lectern, stating that whatever happened last year is in the past. You can tell yourself: 'I can change'.

Using a basketball as a prop, he demonstrated that throwing a ball to one another is fine but it is easy to get tired of the game as there is nothing to aim for except each other. We need something to aim for, such as a hoop, and the game comes alive. We are all playing the game of school and just 'being here' you will get bored, you need a goal.

Our four goals are:
  • Attendance - 95%
  • Effort -  Very Good or Excellent
  • Behaviour - 0 exclusions or suspensions; Very Good or Excellent
  • Achievement - Bs or better
Mr Green commended students as follows:
  • Year 7 Annabelle and Lachlan, for being the first climbing on space net to reach the top.
  • Year 7 Ella and Imogen, who won special prizes from the P&C shop at Orientation Days last year
  • Tech Crew - Year 12s Kieren and Christopher and Year 11s Shyla and Jake for their work on non-school days
  • Shanyn Ambrose - a continuing student who met the high expectations of the school last year with an excellent for every subject
  • Year 7 Adam, for winning the first lucky draw this year as a new student.
"Have a fabulous 2017"

Swimming Carnival

Mr Burchardt spoke about the guidelines for Swimming Carnival. He spoke about the nominations and trials and asked students to listen to their house coordinators. Information about any sport can be found on the Q Block noticeboard or you can speak to Mr Burchardt in Q33 if you'd like to participate in any sport.
Please refer to the information sheets under related links regarding the Swimming Carnival. Sport selections will happen for year 10 on Wednesday and Year 7s will receive information about Hawk sport on Friday. Year 8s and 9s will select sports next week.

School Photos

School photos will be taken on Thursday 9 February (week 3). Students please wear formal uniform and Years 10-12 students require the school tie. Named envelopes will be distributed in Form. Students must bring the envelope on photo day even if you are not purchasing school photos. They will be used for your school ID card.


All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island students not already registered with Clontarf, please meet with Nathan.
A cricket club uses our school grounds. The cricket pitch is maintained by members of the Cricket Club. We must make sure we stay off the pitch and away from the Cricket Club shed as they maintain it.
The Staff car park is out of bounds to all students. Please use pedestrian access to enter school.