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Hawk Assembly News

Attendance certificate recipients
Assembly Leaders: Junior Secondary Leaders, Malachi and Thomas.
Acknowledgement of Country: Steven Saunders

Principal’s Address

Mr Green thanked our leaders and Steven and congratulated students on their attendance and for completing another year of schooling. Well done to Year 7s on completing their first year of high school and all the best to Year 9 students as you move to Senior Secondary.
Attendance results in the last 7 day are:
  • Year 7 won the best attendance percentage
  • Bonda won Year 7 attendance
  • Bonda won Year 8 attendance
  • Balkuin won Year 9 attendance
  • Overall Balkuin still successful when combined with other numbers.

The Lucky draw for today, with excellent effort and behaviour and 97.85% attendance, was won by Matia Bayntun.

Thank you to our Tech Crew who assist, even on their holidays: Kieren Auchterlonie, Chris McDonough, Shyla Cooper, Jake Buckland.

Who has inspired you?

For Mr Green, the students who inspired him this year were a male Gold Leader and a Year 12 proud Indigenous young man. Upon hearing their stories, he is amazed at how they ever got to school. How could they dig so deep to overcome what life had presented them with as a family situation and the challenges to be able to rise above that and achieve a position of leadership and a position of excellence? The past does not equal the future. Our staff won't pretend to know what your life looks like. Not everyone has the same stable upbringing. It doesn't look like that for everyone.
Be thankful for your existence. When the past does not equal the future, you make a decision that ‘despite everything that life has thrown at me; every kick in the guts that I've received, despite every word that has hurt me; I can draw a line and say that is the past. I am me. I belong to a school with a set of values that if I embrace will equip me for life. I have a school which cares for me, teachers which care for me and other adults and friends. I can make a difference in the world.'
Mr Green encouraged students to start the new year by saying the past does not equal the future.
You are not born a winner, you are not born a loser. You are born a chooser.” The challenge for us all is to choose the path that will bring us success.

Duathlon certificates

Mrs Fraser presented certificates of Participation to a number of Year 9 HPE students.


Mrs Monagle presented Attendance certificates for 100% attendance for all of 2016 to Aaron Kronk and Hayden Stibbard. Congratulations students.

Harry the Hawk

Ms Monagle and Harry spoke to the students about the following:

Start dates in 2017

  • Year 7, 8 and 11 = Monday, 23 January
  • Year 9, 10 and 12 = Tuesday, 24 January

Shoe reminder

When you are purchasing shoes for next year, students are to remember that canvas shoes are not acceptable. Footwear made from light fabric, open weaved, absorbent material, or footwear of a non-enclosed or thin soled design, is not to be worn at school.  Footwear with any of these features poses an unacceptable risk. 
Purchase appropriate footwear for your classes:
  • Black lace-up shoes that are made from fully enclosed leather are acceptable in all classes with formal uniform.
  • Sports shoes with leather upper and NO mesh are acceptable in all classes with sports uniform.
  • Sports shoes with non-leather upper are acceptable for day wear with sports uniform but are not for wear in high risk curriculum areas such as Manual Arts, Home Economics, Visual Art and Science.

New Girls' Blouse for Formal Uniform

During 2016 a committee, consisting of parents, P&C representative and school staff redesigned the girls formal blouse. The blouse was redesigned after parents and students expressed concern about the shape of the existing blouse. The existing blouse can still be worn by students. The new blouse looks great with the existing formal skirt.  Get into the P&C Shop to place an order for one of the new blouses – delivery is expected early 2017.


Reports will be distributed tomorrow afternoon. The Materials List for next year is also in the envelope. It is important that students:
  • Take the report home. It is addressed to your parent/carer.
  • Celebrate your results
  • Set yourself goals for next year.

Instrumental music

Mr MacDonald asked students to consider joining instrumental music in 2017. If you are interested in guitar, piano or contemporary instruments, these are part of the subject Music. If you have an interest in orchestral or strings instruments please lodge an Intention of Interest with Mr Macdonald. There are wide and varied opportunities within the community for students in Instrumental Music.