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Hawk Assembly News

harmony day
National Anthem: Performance Ensemble
Assembly Leaders: Jye and Adeng
Acknowledgment of Country: Jasmine Gray 

Principal’s address

  • Interhouse Attendance Trophy: There’s been a change in points with Bonda receiving extra points for Friday attendance and most improved house. The current points are:
    • Barang 19 points
    • Balkuin 21 points
    • Dherwain 25 points
    • Bonda 26 points
  • Harmony week: Mr Green played an excerpt from Queen and then described the vocal harmony of the 3 male singers in song. If only one part was out of tune, it would destroy the harmony – make it discordant. We celebrate this week our harmony of culture and languages but also our school – we can thrive together.
  • Behaviour update: Mr Green spoke about the areas of improvement in the last three weeks including a drop in those students who had lost the privilege of attending school for suspension. He noted increases in the referrals to a Student Manager or Deputy from students who disrupt the class. We require each student to control his or her behaviour and improve.
  • Interhouse Cross County: lesson times will be different. Be keen and be there to participate run or walk in the Hawk Walk. Mr Green will donate $10 to chaplaincy for every student who finishes in front of Mr Green in the 19 and Under 6km race. He encourages those who finish behind Mr Green to also donate as a fundraiser.

Harmony Day Parade of Nations

Cultural Captains Alyssa and Abdu introduced the Harmony Day activities.

As you may have seen around the school, this week we have celebrated Harmony Day. Today is Harmony Day, and at Harristown High, we set aside time to highlight the amazing variety of cultures here. Harmony Day began in 1999 as a national day of cultural respect and acknowledgement to all those who call Australia home, from the indigenous traditional owners to those that have travelled from thousands of kilometres away.

As we take pride in both our individuality and cultural diversity, it is important to remember that we stand as a group, shoulder to shoulder as Australians and Harristown Hawks. Here at Harristown High, Harmony Day plays an important role in the cultural events of our school. For a high school of over 1700 students, we have a large culturally diverse group of students and teachers, all with a rich, colourful heritage and history with many people born with different cultural backgrounds. Harristown State High takes pride in this with many students coming from over 24 countries including; Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, India, Burma, Congo, Iran, Zambia, South Africa and many more.

The Parade of Nations included the following countries or nationalities:

  • Indigenous
  • Afghanistan
  • Pakistan
  • India
  • Africa
  • Iraq and Syria
From this, we can see that it is important to acknowledge the vibrant diversity that exists within our Harristown State High community.  Harmony Day is all about this and it highlights the importance that everyone belongs.
Take a look around at those that you call friends, and then look beyond that, look out to the rest of the students sitting here wearing blue and brown and know that you are a part of something greater than yourselves as well. Celebrating our unique and diverse community highlights the sense of belonging that we have, working towards an open minded, and tolerant society proud of our achievements standing with open arms extended to those who need our help.
Javier Ngano was welcomed to the microphone to make a short address. Javier is a refugee from Democratic Republic of Congo. He spoke about the African continent he came from – a sub-Sahara continent that is tackling poverty and has many development programs. Javier talked about the struggle and the will to get up and survive war experiences, leaving to get to a safer place. He asked students to remember that we are needed in the world and we are cared about.
To celebrate Harmony Day, talk to your friends about their background, share stories and spread the spirit of Harmony. Make new friends and try talking to someone you may have never talked to before as Harmony Day is all about living together and everyone belonging. With such a diverse community, we can share cultural music, food and dance. The challenge to everyone is to set aside differences and work towards making Harristown High a better place to learn and have fun.

SRC free dress day

Year level prefects promoted a free dress day to raise money for new water systems for students. Students were asked to bring a gold coin donation to wear Commonwealth games colours or come dressed as a favourite sporting person.

National day of action against bullying and violence

Thanks to the 655 staff and students who signed the pledge. The winning form classes for pizza feast were B17, R03 and Y19. Congratulations and continue to take a stand against bullying.