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Gold Leader Initiative

color run
Image Credit: Jimmy Baikovisius Flickr
Dear Parent/ Carer
Each year the Year 12 Gold Leader team work together to create a project called the Gold Leader Initiative. In the past, it has taken various forms such as a promotion video, Hawk Games, signs around the school, a float in the Carnival of Flowers and a Guinness World Record.
In 2017, the Gold Leaders are hosting Harristown State High School’s first Colour Run.
During this Fun Run, students will complete a small course around the school ovals. At certain checkpoints around the course, the Gold Leaders will release coloured powder. The powder consists of non-toxic corn starch that is skin safe and environmentally friendly.
Important Information:
Where: Harristown State High School - both top and bottom ovals will be used.
When: Friday 6th October, 2017 1:45 pm – 3:00 pm
Dress: The day will be free dress. Appropriate attire must be worn for subjects studied in periods 1-6 (including footwear).
For best results of the colour run, it is very highly recommended that students wear white, as the colour will stain. Steps on how to maintain colour in the clothing are overleaf.
Important Note: students wearing the school uniform will not be allowed to participate in the colour run and will do an alternate activity in a classroom.
If catching the bus in the afternoon, it is recommended that students bring a change of clothes and a plastic bag.
Cost: Gold Coin donation, with all profits going towards the Student Representative Council for future projects around the school
Yours sincerely
Angela Clarry                                                                          Ken Green

Year 12 Coordinator                                                              Principal


How to Preserve Colour in the Shirt
STEP 1: Vinegar Your Shirt
As suggested on The Colour Run website, vinegar prevents the colours from fading. Many people choose to soak their Tees in the vinegar (a spray bottle could be used). You can dilute it with a small amount of water but do not over-dilute it. Once the bottle if filled, place your shirt on a flat platform, like a cardboard with an old towel or newspaper beneath. Ideally, do this outside to avoid creating a mess in the house. Spray each part of the shirt with as much vinegar as possible until it soaks.
STEP 2: Iron the Shirt
After soaking the shirt with vinegar, you will now need to iron for the colours to be absorbed further. Ideally, turn the T-shirt inside-out before you start ironing. If you are ironing it in the house, ensure that you open the windows to let the smell outside. Another thing you should consider before you iron the shirt is to allow the excess vinegar to partly dry. For best results: spray the vinegar-water blend three times daily, for about five days. Place an old sheet over the shirt when ironing it. There is no harm in ironing it directly.
STEP 3: Cold Wash the Shirt
The Colour Run points out that you should use cold water with some mild detergent when washing your T-shirt.