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Farewell Year 12 Students

School song
​Blue is the sky above us ... Year 12s sing the school song.
National Anthem: School Band
Acknowledgement of Country: Callum Ward

Principal’s Address

Mr Green thanked Callum Ward and acknowledged his work as MC at the recent Clontarf awards. He spoke briefly about attendance, congratulating Bonda on lifting to second place. Anticipating the length of the speeches in the changeover of blazers, Mr Green briefly passed on his wishes for the Year 12s that time will slow downs so they can savour the moments in the next 2 ½ days and that they will learn to savour their life.

Year 12 – Then and Now visuals

Gold Leader Changeover

Each of the Gold Leaders presented a statement about their role in 2018 and passed advice and Blazer to the 2019 Gold Leader
Year Level Prefects
  • Brie Smith – Rahila Abdul Hardi “Be supportive of one another. If you build a strong support team, anything is possible.”
  • Ben McNalty – Jack McLaughlin “Thank you to my teachers who have supported me through the hard times and given me a stepping stone to get me where I am today.”
  • Tiarna Wagner – Nathanlie Pamogas “Keep the strongest friendships with your gold leader team and remember to enjoy the year.”
  • Kyle Christenson – Ahad Shabbir “Through thick and thin, the stress and the accomplishments, we pushed forward to make it to this moment. However we didn’t do it alone.”
Arts Prefects
  • Jasmine Weaver – Jacinta Gilson “Together we have written our story and even though this chapter of our lives is coming to an end, it’s a chapter we will always remember.”
  • Ryan McColl – Moses Quoibia “Moses is a content creator, a musician and an overall funny guy”
Sports Prefects
  • Isabella Halaufia – Mackenzie Docherty “I would like to say thank you to all of my amazing teachers who constantly motivated me and pushed me to be better.”
  • Isaac Kleidon – Jayden Castles “Teachers don’t get enough credit for what they do for students and what they have to put up with and, with me, that has been no exception.”
Vice Captains
  • Maddi Burns – Ashley Churchward “And although all of these things will be buzzing around you constantly, the level of exhaustion you feel will all be worth it. It will worth the memories, the jokes and the ‘warm heart’ kind of moments.”
  • Russell Chambers – Godwin Enadio “A few weeks ago Mr Green talked about family and how we’ve created such an amazing family here at school … we’re family and family comes first.”
  • Adeng Santino – Laura Barrett “Thanks to Harristown State High we now all have the power of PRIDE, for once you are a hawk, you will always be a hawk. Upon graduation, I urge you all to use what remains from your experience to make a positive difference, big or small … be kind, have fun and be the best version of yourself possible. To the rest of the student boy, I urge you all to do everything in your power to get involved in any of the many opportunities that we are blessed. Be kind, surround yourself with quality people, work hard, participate, have a laugh and take a nap – that’s my recipe for hawk success.”
  • Jye Bonell – Rudolph Gabuogi “I am living proof that anyone can be a school leader if you try your hardest. You don’t need a badge or a label to make a difference in someone’s life and I encourage each and every one of you to set a good example and be your own leader.”

Captain’s Address

Although Harristown has been recognised for its many achievements, there is still an undoubtable fabrication of our school within the media and the wider community. We have been required to attend functions, seminars and conferences. If there is one thing that has been learnt, it would be that Harristown State High truly is the school of choice. … our school truly is amazing. I mean where else do you find yourself in complete awe on Arts Days? Where else do you see over 30 different diverse cultures and backgrounds make up a 1700 school community? Wehre else are students blessed with the opportunity to play their chosen sport as a subject? Where else can you find such an amazing, supportive and passionate group of staff? Where else can you get our canteen chocolate slice? We mightn’t have the flashiest facilities or best reputation, but we do have spirit. No media report, news segment or negative comment can take it away from us.
  • To the year 7s going onto Year 8, your journey is young. Don’t stress yourself out too much and take it all in.
  • To the Year 8s going onto Year 9: be sure to fully immerse yourself in your studies in order to find our which subjects suit you best.
  • To the Year 9s going onto Year 10: your workload will become harder as you transition into senior schooling which is why it is crucial to work hard so you can reach your full potential.
  • To the Year 10s going into Year 11, it will be just like riding a bike … that has no brakes. However, it will also be one of the most enjoyable years, as you will begin to form strong relationships with your teachers and peers. Take it easy and know that you have support.
  • Finally to the Year 11s going onto Year 12, the next year is going to be challenging, yet so rewarding. Whether you have a blazer or not, come next year, each and every one of you is a leader – so be sure to use your influence positively. It will go by so take it all in.
Before anything, be a kind person first, work hard and do not shy away from any of the opportunities that you have. Volunteer with the interact club, go on school excursions, participate in carnivals and arts days, go to chess club or play a sport that you have not before. It’s not lame, it’s how you have the most fun. When you are experiencing, you are growing. Take full advantage of the opportunities that you have here while you can, because in what feels like a blink of an eye, it will all be over.

Year 12 students sing the school song.