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Assembly notes

​Dherwain House Captains with the Champion House Cup

​Assembly opened with the singing of the National Anthem and was led by sports prefects Mel Baker and Maddy Staff. The Leader's address was delivered by Ms Monagle and Harry the Hawk about being a student at Harristown.

Harry was on time for the assembly and he showed the students what was in his school bag.  Ms Monagle spoke about how each of these things are important for doing your best at Harristown:

  • a rough draft ready on time for a teacher to comment on so students can receive feedback on how they are going with their assessment;
  • a final copy ready to hand in on the due date;
  • a pencil case and calculator which show he is ready for class;
    • a positive attitude, which Harry explained in a letter:


Miss you know I don’t talk lots so I prepared this for you to read because I knew you would want me to explain it – so here goes……

I carry MY attitude around with ME.

MY attitude affects how I think, how I behave and even how I feel.

Positive attitude relates directly to performance, FOR ME.

So when I go about my business I always try to have a positive attitude.

  • a book to write in, record notes from class,
  • and a school diary - every student gets a diary that should be with you in every class. Ms Monagle emphasised how there is a place at the back of the diary to record assessment dates. The senior assessment dates are made available on the web under Curriculum.
  • Harry also brings his habits of mind.
Harry wrote: I have a definition for you
“The Habits of Mind are…. temperaments that are skilfully and mindfully employed by people when they are confronted with problems, the solutions to which are not immediately apparent."
To me what this really means is these habits will help me think and act in a productive and positive way when I come across something that I don’t immediately know how to solve or deal with.

Ms Monagle related a story about her older brother and how, while he didn't finish schooling, had productive habits of mind that enabled him to be successful. She finished the address by emphasising how these are all productive and positive ways of being a student at Harristown and encouraged students to be just as prepared for their classes. 
Ms Brownhalls recognised the 90 students from all year levels who participated in the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools in Science, which is conducted by the University of New South Wales. This competition is usually referred to as the National Science Quiz.  The purpose of the quiz is to allow students to see how their science skills are developing. Each student receives detailed feedback about their progress on a variety of science skills. Also, there is the opportunity for students who perform particularly well to receive awards.
Our whole-school results showed that over 40% of our participants were placed in the 30%  in Queensland, so as a school, we have performed well above the state average.  All students are to be congratulated for their willingness to participate in this valuable activity, whether they received an award or not. Ms Brownhalls read the names of students who received Credit Awards and then Ms Monagle presented certificates to the students who received Distinction (or higher) awards. 
Distinction Awards were awarded to:
Karter Manthey (Year 8) Top 11% in Qld
Joshua Anderson (Year 9) 10%
Coran Smith (Year 11) 7%
Liam Dodman (Year 9) 6%
Mardi Duncan (Year 9)6%
Philip Scott (Year 9)4%
A High Distinctions (top 1% in Qld) was awarded to Abigail Haydon (Year 8).

The Athletics Carnival awards were presented as follows:
In the 13 years & under, Mikaela Ribot de Bresac from Bonda and Cassidy Forster from Barang tied for 2nd place on 54 points; and the winner of the Carol Gregory Trophy for 13 years & under is Courtney Robb from Bonda on 67 points.  Torrie Thies from Dherwain, with 88 points was 3rd in the 14 years & under; from Dherwain, with 97.5 points and in 2nd place was Kiara Taylor and in 1st place, with 105 points, was Balkuin’s Danielle Bigby.  She is the winner of the Jan Elmore Trophy for 14 years and under. In the 15 years & under, 3rd was Keely Beutel from Dherwain, with 53 points; 2nd from Dherwain with 61 points was Caitlyn Stocker, and the winner of the Cheryl Gilbert Trophy with 72 points is Tayla Gray from Barang.
Madison Franke from Barang with 42 points was 3rd in the 16 years & under age group; 2nd with 51 points was Tobie Andison from the Balkuin house; and in 1st place with 79 points was Sharni Lee from Barang.  Sharni receives the Lyle Ketchersen Trophy.  In the 19 years & under in 3rd place, with 52 points was Jaime Andison from Balkuin; 2nd was Lauren McKeiver from Bonda on 64 points; and the winner of the Betty Fischer Cup is Krystal Woods who gained 105 points for Dherwain House.  Krystal is also the winner of the Jenny Geddes Cup for Girls Under 20, 800 metres.
In the 13 years & under, 3rd was Brandon Dixon from Balkuin on 55 points; 2nd was Alex Price from Bonda on 66 points; and the winner of the Ian Gregory Trophy for 13 years & under is Isaac Janssen from Barang on 89 points. Chris Tate from Dherwain with 54 points was 3rd in the 14 years & under; from Balkuin, with 88 points and in 2nd place was Denzel Burns,  and in 1st place, with 93 points, from Barang house, was Travis Turnbull. Travis is the winner of the Donohue Trophy for 14 years and under.
In the 15 years & under, 3rd was Matt Bailey from Balkuin with 52 points; William Grundon from Barang with 53 points was 2nd.  The winner of the W J Ford Trophy with 93 points is Dherwain’s Gerome Burns. In the 16 years & under in third place, on 39 points was Donald Evans from Balkuin; 2nd was Tristan Hope from Barang with 71 points; and in 1st place with 80 points was Aaron Wieden from Dherwain. Aaron receives the Peter Matthews Trophy.  In the 19 years & under in 3rd place, with 37 points was Corey Langton from Barang; in 2nd place with 50 points was Dominic Turkalj from Dherwain; and Ashley Peters from Bonda with 71 points is the winner of the Darryl Bishop Trophy for 19 Years and Under Boys.
Congratulations to all of these athletes on a fantastic effort.
The Interact House Spirit award goes to Balkuin House.
Boys House Champion
1.  Barang  727       
2.  Dherwain 667
3.  Balkuin  615
4.  Bonda  584
Girls House Champion
1.  Dherwain 711.5
2.  Balkuin   651.5
3.  Bonda  625
4.  Barang   597
Overall House Champion
1.  Dherwain 1378.5
2.  Barang  1324
3.  Balkuin  1266.5
4.  Bonda  1209
Dherwain House were the winners of The Quinton Relay trophy as well as the Max Land Cup for the champion house.
Students cheered for the girls and boys champions and the overall house when points were announced. Dherwain House Captains accepted the trophy on behalf of their house.
We congratulate all students acknowledged today for their outstanding efforts.