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Assembly notes

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​Assembly 3rd May 2017

National Anthem: Ensemble

Acknowledgment of Country: Abigail Budden
Assembly Leaders: Musa and Claire

Principal’s address

One Minute Silence for Kaitlyn Barton
Mr Green spoke about the recent passing of Kaitlyn and extended deepest sympathy to Kaitlyn’s family and friends. He spoke of how Kaitlyn will be greatly missed, citing her excellent behaviour record and how she served our school with honour in cadets, most recently as part of the ANZAC guard. He spoke of her life outside school and Kaitlyn’s qualities that staff and students have shared with him: dedicated, polite, respectful, always with a smile and a hello, offering to help. “We will miss her.”
Assembly observed One Minute Silence for Kaitlyn Barton
Consistency Counts
Mr Green spoke of the two Cs – ‘consistency counts’ – and encouraged students to practise consistency in things that will help them improve every day:
  • R – Reading every day. Mr Green cited research that says people who learn well, read well; read consistently and read to challenge themselves. Make a commitment to read for 10 minutes every day; research says the brain grows, you learn new words and you write better.
  • R – Revision – all teachers are challenged by fitting in the curriculum. Mr Green would like us all to create new habits of revision for 10 minutes in any subject – read the notes, textbook or activities
Consistency counts: every 10 minutes of reading or revision by itself means nothing, but if you were consistent it counts and will improve your results.
Lucky draw for a student who practices consistency: Year 7 student Jordan wins JB $20 gift cards

Cross Country Presentations

Jordan and Mikaela presented the awards as follows.
Over 390 students made their way to Kearneys Spring on Wednesday 29th March. The rain held off and the carnival went extremely well.
12 Years Girls
3rd Place             Mikayla Schoenfisch, Dherwain
2nd Place Taylah Alchin, Balkuin
1st place             Bridget Fraser, Barang.  Bridget receives the Harristown State High School HPE staff trophy
13 Years & Under Girls
3rd place             Zara Moon, Bonda
2nd place            Naomi Thayer, Dherwain
1st place             Bethany Lane, Barang house is the winner of the Barbara Ford Trophy
14 Yrs & Under Girls
3rd place             Emily Potter, Bonda
2nd place            Cienna Beveridge, Balkuin
1st place             Zoe Christodoulou, Balkuin wins the Tony Parsons Trophy
15 Yrs and Under Girls
3rd place             Alex Duggan Balkuin
2nd place            Tayler Gillies, Barang
1st place             Mackenzie Docherty, Balkuin is the winner of the Barbara Giltrow Cup
16 Yrs & Under Girls
3rd place             Milly Tennant, Dherwain
2nd place            Chloe Walther, Dherwain
1st place             Abby White, Dherwain wins the Gabrielle Stayte Trophy
19 Yrs & Under Girls
Tied for 3rd place            Magdalena Mauwa and Mikaela Ribot de Bresac, Bonda
2nd place            Esther Ndagano, Bonda
1st place             Florence Scopas, Dherwain receives the Margaret Giltrow Cup.
12 Yrs Boys
3rd place             James Sipple-Hyne, Dherwain
2nd place            Jimmy Potter, Bonda
1st place             Angus Draper, Balkuin is the winner of the Harristown State High School HPE Staff trophy
13 Yrs & Under Boys
3rd place             Tyler Collins, Balkuin
2nd place            Tyrel Rowe, Dherwain
1st place              Ky Richardson, Dherwain wins the Ian Corkill Trophy
14 Yrs & Under  Boys
3rd place             Samim Ahmadi, Balkuin
2nd place            Sabir Ghulam Ali, Barang
1st place             Gabriel Da Costa, Balkuin is the winner of the Ian Quinton Trophy
15 Yrs and Under Boys
3rd place             Quincy Dennis, Balkuin
2nd place            Jayden Castles, Balkuin
1st place  Prasiddha Paudyal, Bonda receives the Carvosso & Savage Cup
16 Yrs & Under Boys
3rd place Georgije Erceg, Balkuin
2nd place            Adam Mohamed, Bonda
1st place             John Bwira, Bonda is the winner of the Terry Ryan Trophy
19 Yrs & Under Boys
3rd place             Abdullah Ali Hussain, Balkuin
2nd place            Elijah KIninga, Barang
1st place             Mustafa Banza, Balkuin wins the Moy Trophy. 
The House results are as follows:
In 4th place Dherwain with 446 points
3rd place Barang  with 574 points
2nd place Bonda   with 614 points
The winner of the 10-3 Trophy as Overall Interhouse Cross Country Champions is Balkuin house on 890 points.

Fun Run Results

Students who won best male, best female and best form class participants have already received certificates in form rolls. The total number of laps completed by each house is as follows: Balkuin - 480 laps Bonda - 532 laps Barang - 553 laps And with the most laps Dherwain with 638 Balkuin results Best Female - Rachel Arthur (G05) (6 laps) Best Male - Rafael Alfaro (G05) Clay Biltoft (G05) Jordan Boland (G05) William Cooke (G06) (6 laps) Best Balkuin Form Class - G05 (63 laps) Bonda results Best Female - Buffy Kino (R02) Katiebell Nichols (R04) Bea Paglomutan (R04) (6 laps) Best Male - Moses Quoibia (R11) (8 laps) Best Bonda Form Class - R01 (76 laps) Barang results Best Female - Imajyn Jones (B05) Kali Hartvigsen (B06) (6 laps) Best Male - Lachlan Jarick (B01) Lachlan Humbler (B02) Avram Knopke (B18) (7 laps) Best Barang Form Class - B01 (84 laps) Dherwain results Best Female - Naomi Stephens (Y02) Wendy Xue (Y02) Emily *surname withheld (Y03) Naehal Zarook (Y03) Lisa Williams (Y03) Kathleen Williams (Y05) Katarnia Taylor (Y07) (5 laps) Best Male - *name withheld (Y01) Regan Smith (Y04) Samuel Kuhne (Y07) Braith Wessling (Y07) Aristide N’sabua (S09) (7 laps) Best Dherwain Form Class - Y02 (76 laps) S Form Class results Best Female- Farah Borghoul (SO3) Ameerah Attiya (S04) (7 laps) Best Male— Reyad Al Nasser (S04) (8 laps) Best S form class – S03 (120 laps) Best Overall Form Class - S03 (120 laps) Congratulate all students who participated in both the Cross Country and Fun Run. Our next sporting event is the Interhouse Athletics Carnival taking place on 27th and 28th July.

Assembly 10th May

National Anthem: Symphonic Wind Ensemble
Assembly Leaders: Jordan and Mikaela
Acknowledgment of Country: Mackenzie Docherty

Principal’s address

Mr Green's three part address:
  • informed all students of arrangements should they wish to attend the funeral for Kaitlin Barton on Friday at 2.00pm,
  • gave students a heads-up as to the presence of visitors in our school next week for our full school review,
  • sought to acknowledge how we as a community may contribute to the prevention of domestic and family violence.


The Symphonic Wind Ensemble presented a performance piece “Duel of the Fates”. Conductor: Sam Robinson

Toowoomba District Swimming

Selina Whittaker spoke about the TSSS swimming carnival where Harristown students placed 3rd four times in different age groups and 2nd in another age group. Overall the students did an incredible job, representing Harristown with PRIDE. We would like to thank these students with recognition of their participation and a certificate will be placed in their form roll. Special thanks to Jordan Howard for timekeeping of the day and Mrs English for assisting swimmers.
  • Girls: Ebony Stuart, Alexandra Cartwright, Zoe Christodoulou, Jessica Paech, Angel Bates, Emilee Bradford, Nikki Smith, Lucy Leadbetter, Mikaela Ribot de Bresac.
  • Boys: Baden Atkins, Jack Oster, Kerion Parravicini, Nikolas Austin, Kyle Davison, Shaun Farquharson, Kai Kikuta, Steven McKay, Zac Erlandson, Daniel Apsey, Jayden Cauley.

G'day USA

Narelle Newhouse from Educational World Travel spoke about the G’day USA program.
Information can be found on their website: