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Assembly Notes

​Year 10 Mini Rock Eisteddfod performers!

​It was a huge Assembly this week!

We sang the National Anthem, accompanied by Year 9 members of The Ensemble. In his weekly address, Mr Green spoke further about the changes students face next year. As Year 9 students next year, current Year 8 students will become the top of Junior Secondary and we will look to them for a new sense of maturity.  Mr Green noted the opportunity to create a sense of student leadership with badged Year 9 leaders.

As Year 10 students next year, current Year 9s become part of Senior Secondary. Mr Green reminded students that what they do in Years 10 and 11 is crucial to convince fellow students and staff of their leadership potential.  Mr Green announced the Year Coordinators and Student Managers for next year and students welcomed staff to these positions.
The Year Coordinators for 2014 will be:​
The Student Managers for 2014 will be:​
Junior Secondary
Year 7 – Liam Holcombe
Year 8 – Mark Burchardt
Year 9 – Daniel Schick
Senior Secondary
Year 10 – Simon Rogers
Year 11 – Peter Dayus
Year 12 – Amy McAleer​
Ian Brackstone (JS) and Mick Floyd (SS)
Lauren Phoenix (JS) and Sue Burns (SS)
Tim Reuther (JS) and Colin Peake (SS)
Hannah Dalton-Strong (JS) and Karuna Dang (SS)​
Mr Rogers spoke about the Vinnie's Hamper Appeal and thanked students for their generosity on the Free Dress Day. The donation of items and $586 in funds was a remarkable effort.  He introduced Mr Laurie Reedy, the President of the St Anthony's Conference of St Vincent de Paul.  Mr Reedy spoke to students about the hardships people face at this time of year and offered sincere thanks from St Vincent de Paul.
Mr Holcombe presented certificates to the thirteen Year 8 students who participated and completed in the 'Pack your Dilly Bag' Indigenous Cultural Transition Program. This year-long program included students participating in resilience and team building activities and traditional cultural activities.
Sharee Muller and Campbell Patterson spoke about the Josh Arnold project, where students had the opportunity to audition and work with Josh Arnold, a professional singer songwriter and performer. Students were able to experience the professional recording process. They extended thanks to Mr Arnold, Mr Macdonald and Ms Mullins.  The video of their recording was played to the audience and can be seen via the player on the right. Congratulations to all students involved in the project.
Madi and Keely introduced the Year 10 Mini Rock Eisteddfod Peter Pan performance. This vibrant dance using a mix of music presented a version of children's story from when Peter and Tink woke children right through to the defeat of Hook. The students were congratulated for making the effort to come in and perform on the first week of their summer holiday.